Obama and guns

2nd Amendment enthusiasts: How do you respond to President Obama State of the Union?

During the entire speech, I believe he said only this one small sentence “Protecting our kids from gun violence.” 6 words out of 5,000+ of his speech.

So then if he barely mentioned it, what’s the question?

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I did not watch obama’s state of the union speech but I did watch the tearful gun speech. If obama had been truly sincere in the gun speech, I believe he would have said more about it in the state of the union speech given the short time frame between the two.

Not sure it will matter much, but here is the context:

Emphasis added. I’m pretty far from a “2nd amendment enthusiast”, but my reaction is: That’s really about street crime, and is something the states need to address. I don’t really see much of a role for the feds, unless you want to end the War on Drugs. Also, shouldn’t we be concerned about protecting adults from gun violence?

That’s silly. The short time between the two is a reason not to talk about his firearm EOs in the SotU address. Or are you starting from the belief that the President is insincere and working backwards?

I am a fan of the Second Amendment, so I will answer:

I agree with his goal, assuming of course that he means “…within the confines of the Second Amendment.”

In much the same way, as a fan of the First Amendment, if he had said he wanted to protect our kids from violent pornography, I’d be on board as long as the context was “…within the confines of the First Amendment.”

I agree with this - Obama has already spent quite a bit of time recently expressing his position on guns and a focus elsewhere during this speech is not indicative of a change in those positions. I am more interested in how he follows up on his recent NY Times Op Ed where he said:

In a press briefing the next day, Obama’s Press Secretarywas asked to clarify and there was this exchange:

So, routing private party sales through FFLs, and side stepping due process to remove people’s constitutional rights are among things Obama thinks are common sense. We’ll see if he campaigns for people who don’t share this view.

I can see a lot of people being OK with routing all gun sales through an FFL. The no fly list issue has severe constitutional problems unless they tighten up the no fly list significantly.

The notion of common sense gun control is pretty ill-defined as we have seen in the thread of that name.