Obama announces plan to dismantle social security, federal government & US Military

Story here.

Masked as a colossal deficit-slashing proposal to take effect, naturally, in election year 2012 the plan is expected to save $4 trillion—more than the entire 2010 federal budget! He plans on increasing the Social Security retirement age to 69, reducing cost of living benefits for the elderly, and raising our taxes to help fund this saving measure. What? Higher taxes = Saving? For whom? Joe the Plumber will have to hire his mother because she’ll be too young to retire and too broke to eat after paying her taxes to a government that won’t cost itself a dime. Sounds a lot like a return to feudalism if you ask me. How much more of this Mohammedan anarchist will we tolerate? What action will we be able to take when our guns are replaced with pitchforks and our marriages subject to the approval of the local lord—who will undoubtedly assert the right of the first night with a brutal Moslem deflowering?

I find it makes for a more effective OP if you actually read the article you’re complaining about.

I don’t think that means what you think it does.

Sorry, I was going for the Glenn Beck spin.

Ah, I gotcha. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between satire and cluelessness.

it’s satire
wipes brow

It’s interesting. First of all, the commission is President Obama’s creation - and as such he appointed most of the members to it. Republicans didn’t have nearly as much input as Democrats.

As such a lot of things were off the table, like Medicare reform and changes to the health care law.

Even so, Democrats are attacking this report roundly. Nancy Pelosi was pretty scathing in her remarks. Rep. Schakowsky wasn’t supportive of the report according to the OPs link. Guess the emphasis on spending cuts aren’t sitting well.

Clearly, it needs more tax cuts. And cow bell.

Actually I remember it being a Republican idea, they just decided it was a bad one when Obama agreed to it. He went ahead and made it anyhow.



Not bad, not bad. If you went on TV and did this bit, with appropriate hand-made graphs, you could make some serious coin as a “commentator”.

(don’t forget to throw some stuff in about illegal immigrants.)

I can’t believe I failed to illustrate how this represents a $500 billion pension for Obama and his cronies: Annual budget = $3.5T, this plan produces $4T. Probably the difference will be spent on enforcing abortion & gay marriages between illegal immigrants who have been drafted into the military to suppress the righteous uprisings in The South.

Some Nazis would be nice too.

Can’t ever have too much [del]cowbell[/del] Nazis!

CMC fnord!

Mr. Moto’s comment gives me the inspiration for the perfect Democratic policy. They appoint Dems to a panel to offer budget and tax recommendations. When the report comes out they condemn it. Then the Republicans offer support and ridicule Dems for not liking the plan they crafted.

At that point Pelosi can just say “Zoinks! We liked it all along” and we have some movement. Actually that probably would work.

This plan that would actually save a lot of money, but requires sacrifice isn’t going to fly with either party.

What bullshit. I read today that there are roughly $3 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases.

But, on a lighter note, the Commission’s recommendations would balance the budget by 2037. Joy of joys!

Except for, you know, all the Republicans on the Commission, which was split 50/50. But I’m sure he cherry-picked Tom Coburn as a liberal Republican, right?

Absolutely false. Please read the report before commenting.

In order to balance the budget, we need to a) raise taxes, and b) cut spending. In order to reduce the deficit, we need to a) raise taxes more, and b) cut spending more.

This proposal is a very good starting point for the discussion.

Where do you get this shit? A presentation covering their proposal is here.

Did you remember the chalk board?

Dear god! please don’t spin the chalkboard, the vortex that would create might destroy us all!

If a Doper uses the word “Mohammeden,” it’s probably satire.