Obama clinches Democratic nomination

It was a long, tough struggle, but hard work and perseverance have paid off for Obama. The results today from Maryland and the District of Columbia have put him over the top.

Finally, we can end that 40 page “Stick a fork in Randall Terry” thread

But we still haven’t decided what kind of fork he deserves!

I’d say a sideways one. With a rusty crowbar.

This was clearly a mandate.

The mainstream media has paid NO attention to the Obama campaign AT ALL! This is ONE HUNDRED TIMES WORSE than the treatment Ron Paul has received!

I blame the grip the anti-semites have over the media and entertainment industry. Obama expresses a desire to work with Israel and suddenly he’s got a secret kippah implanted into his skull?

Well, being opposed to Israel politics doesn’t automatically make you an anti-semite.
It’s funny though because both sides claim the other owns the media: “Z.O.G.! The Jews own the media!” “No, it’s the anti-semites that own them!”

Thank goodness. The suspense was keeping me up nights.

If you want to have a debate about Israel and foreign policy, please do it in another thread. gamerunknown was joking. He was not saying anti-Semites run the media.

Are we certain though? I mean isn’t it possible some of Terry’s volunteers stayed after hours to clinch the delegate spots once Obama’s left the room? I think we’re likely to see a brokered convention.
This is just the break the Carter campaign has been waiting for!

I still think that Obama is going to release his delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton, and she’ll pick him as VP. Everybody wins!

(Biden can still walk their dog on Saturdays, of course)

Holy shit, they nominated a black guy again?

Now begins the VEEP selection process. I wonder if he’ll pick one of his primary opponents.

After the bruising Obama has taken at the hundreds of debates he was forced to participate in, I think there will need to to be a lot of fence mending before we can consider that option. I think he should stick with the obvious and pick a little known, first time Governor from a remote state. Say…Alaska. How could that go wrong?

But Terry came in second place. So now he’ll be the front-runner in 2016.

I don’t know… Has anyone actually seen the long form certification of the nomination?

Well, I saw a digital copy of the long form and I was sure it is fake, but it clearly had the seal of the Kenyan Embassy on it, so it must be good.

Wrong party!

But, just for the fun of it, here’s who the Dem nominees would have been in recent years if they had the Republican habit of nominating the previous primary season’s runner-up (skipping years when an incumbent Democrat was running for re-election):

2008: John Edwards
2004: Bill Bradley
2000: Jerry Brown
1992: Jesse Jackson
1988: Gary Hart
1984: Ted Kennedy
1976: Hubert Humphrey
1972: Gene McCarthy

Why? Have we already started the “Obama has a secret plan to run for a third term” threads?