Obama has really done it this time

A massive Velveeta shortage threatens Super Bowl parties.

So how’s that new Fed Chairman appointment looking now, Comrade Obama?

That does it! I’m never going to vote for that SOB again.

No doubt this is because of some kind of Obummer-sponsored government cheese program!

Aren’t Super Bowl parties Social(ist) events?

People need Velveeta for the Super Bowl? What do they use it for? (Americans I mean - Not Kenyans.)

Maybe I can sell a couple dozen boxes of Velveeta on Ebay. :smiley:

just kidding. :wink:

I’m just spitballing here, but cheese dip?

The government needs to set up an exchange where we can buy cheese.

Is manipulating the cheeze-food market illegal? Maybe some rich bastard stockpiled the stuff. Then you float a rumor there is a shortage, people panic and buy it all, other people see then empty shelves, and Bingo, Velveeta trading at 1000 bucks a pound.

How many times do I have to say we need a National Strategic Velveeta Reserve to make sure we can preserve the American way of life with evil in the world!

I would’ve thought peak time for Velveta would be early April. Trout just love it on the hook. Me,not so much (even w/o the hook)

Chili cheese dip.

Hey, no farting around! This must be addressed, now! I mean, who’s gonna cut the cheese?

Made out of Velveeta?

Uh…yeah? Melt it down and pour in some salsa, or chili, or diced jalapenos (and a little milk to keep it gooey). If you haven’t had one of these artery-clogging variants you’re not going to the right parties.

1 pound of Velveeta, cubed + 1 can of Ro*Tel Tomatoes with green chilies.

Nuke in a casserole dish or put in a crock pot until melted.

Ha! The invisible hand of cheese dip strikes again!

If you want to really kick the Ro*Tel dip up a notch try this:

I only eat Velveeta about once every 5 years but man could I go for some Ro*Tel dip right now.

Spitball dip might taste better!

Stopped and bought me 4 pounds on the way home from work today. There were only a few left in the cooler so it appears the run is on. There was plenty of the store brand though.

Why in the name of Og do they keep in the cooler? That stuff doesn’t have to be refrigerated unless it’s opened. (This is a rhetorical question.)

I think chorizo would be better than breakfast sausage.

Ortega used to make a product called Acapulco Hots that made the best. queso. ever. Of course, it’s discontinued. Bastids.