Obama is running out of time to fulfill these GOP predictions

There were some specific and dire predictions about the Obama presidency in the elections of both 2008 and 2012. I’m looking to collect some examples of predictions, preferably from prominent Republicans or members of the media, that he is running out of time to fulfill. Let’s keep it out of Alex Jones territory for there lies madness (and way too many nonsense predictions to parse).

For example, nationwide, a gallon of gas costs about $2.21. This is in contrast to Senator Mike Lee (R Utah) predicted in 2012 that electing Obama would mean that we’d be paying $6.60 by now. Newt Gingrich took it a step further and predicted $8-9 by now. Trump, in typical fashion just stated that gas prices would be "through the roof like never before due to secret deals with Saudis or something.

On the unemployment front, Mitt Romney promised us that if we elected him we could look forward to unemployment being under 6% by now. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t elect him, because Obama has gotten us down to 5% despite predictions by Romney that a vote for Obama was a vote for chronic high unemployment for four years, which at the time was north of 8%.

Obama has his work cut out for him if he is going to fulfill Rush Limbaugh’s prediction of total economic collapse within the years of the Obama presidency. Bonus points for predicting that California would be bankrupt and Obama would require Texas to bail them out.

Young people, you are in for it, because Obama has only a few more months to fulfill Michelle Bachmann’s 2009 prediction that you are headed for re-education camps.

I’m looking for other concrete examples of right wing predictions that Obama has only a few scant months to get moving on!

Chuck Norris’s famous 1000 years of darkness in 2012.

You forgot about Obama’s war on guns. I don’t have any specific predictions to link to, but it was widely said that you better buy them now while you still can.

Have you met with theDeath Panel yet?

I figured there is something here, but couldn’t find any specific predictions to lay down. I’m sure there is something though.

To be fair, the only reason those things didn’t happen is that the Republicans obstructed and fought so very hard against him! /s

I remember it well, when the noble Republicans thwarted the “Re-education of red blooded Americans into European socialists” bill in 2011.

One campaign promise came through.

He threw his weight around and got us a college football playoff!

I think it would be hilarious if he waited until a few days before the inauguration and then held a press conference in which he admitted he’s not a native-born American.

You know, guns sales went *way *up. I cant help thinking this was a clever way for the Gun manufacturers to increase sales.:smiley:

Just last week. I totally scored with a 2073 date! With that I plan to take up smoking.

(I’m in my 40s so that solid)

Pretty much. I, who am ambivalent about gun rights but more on the support the right to bear arms with checks & balances in place side, never was worried about any sort of gun grab by the Democrats, no matter how much Republican doomsdayers said it would happen. Always seemed like a way to drum up sales to me. Plenty of Democrats love guns, too.

He already did: Obama Releases Birth Video at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner - YouTube

The NRA was openly pushing the idea that Obama was going to grab everyone’s guns. Check out this cover from their official magazine.

We all know he will cancel the election (keep an eye on the news the next few days) and declare himself President for Life. So he has a lot more time than we think to carry out his secret Commie Kenyan Muslim agenda.

I’ve linked to this video before; it’s Stephen Colbert’s reaction to a segment Glenn Beck did called War Room. Beck, with two guests, talks about some possible worst-case scenarios of an Obama presidency; unemployment between 12% and 20%, Dow around 2,800, all U.S. banks nationalized, and the commercial real estate market has collapsed. Also watch the follow-up, Stephen Colbert’s Doom Bunker.

Well you know, the birthers will finally be right: Obama is not conditionally eligible to be President as of the inauguration date.

This is getting down in the weeds, but in late 2008, conservatives from George Will to Rush Limbaugh were claiming that Obama was going to reinstate the FCC’s long-dead Fairness Doctrine.

Remember when Romney was the worst person in the world?

Nope. I do remember when the left said he had no personality and how he denounced his very own healthcare plan in an unsuccessful attempt at pandering to the unthinking hard right, but I do not remember anyone on the left saying he was the worst person in the world.