Obama leads in delegate count

"The Obama campaign attached an Excel spreadsheet containing “state-by-state estimates of the pledged delegates we won last night, which total 845 for Obama and 836 for Clinton — bringing the to-date total of delegates to 908 for Obama,** 884 for Clinton**.”


Plus he just raised 3 million dollars today… that’s in one day. He’s leading in campaign contributions too…

The only reason Hillary had an edge in cali is because of the absentee ballots.

As an Obama supporter, I was pretty thrilled by yesterday’s results. The next primary days are going to be very interesting. It seems that Obama has a lot of advantages on his side now that he’s made it through Super Tuesday, but who knows what will happen.

edit: oh hey I totally forgot to ask what I meant to ask. I’ve been seeing tons of different superdelegate counts on different sites, and the differences are drastic. I know the pledged delegate count won’t be official for a while yet, but how are people getting the superdelegate numbers?

I’ve seen this brought up several times as if it’s a telling statistic, and I confess, I really don’t understand it. The reason Hillary had the edge in California is because more people voted for her than they did for Obama. Why does it make any sort of difference if they voted for her in person or by mail?

Same reason Edwards got 10% of the vote. The theory goes that the support you saw for Obama was from about a week or less of campaigning. The ballots were before Obama even began to blather all across the state.

Obama closed the gap on Hillary in a matter of days, almost. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the absentee ballots won the state for her, but I think the gap would have been even narrower had there been less absentee ballots.

Ah, that makes sense.

(FWIW, I voted for Obama via absentee ballot.)

That’s funny CNN has it at 823(HRC) to 741(BO)(man I just noticed what unfortunate initials he has…)

Your info is old, Johnny. He’s raised an additional $2M+ tonight in a “match Clinton’s donation to herself” campaign.

From what I’ve heard, CNN is using superdelegate counts that are over a month old, which would most likely favor Hillary quite a bit. Again, though, I don’t know how they’re determining that info, especially since every superdelegate could wake up the morning of the convention and say “actually, I love Mike Gravel.”

By which you mean $5.6mil as of my posting :wink:

His folks put out a call to match Clinton’s $5mil self loan with actual contributions. According to his website, they’re at at over five and a half million earned since the polls closed last night. In fact, I can’t get on to set up my user page because his site is so bogged down. Of course, they must have routed all the donation link traffic to the good servers because you can bet that page comes up :smiley:

CNN.com (at it’s Political Ticker) reports that Howard Dean has said the party will broker a deal rather than let it go to the convention.

I’ve got no dog in that fight but for those of you that do, will you be OK with that or pissed off?

I imagine that depends a lot on who emerges on top.

That depends upon who they broker the deal in favor of. If it’s the obvious choice, no, I won’t be OK with that. But who am I? I’m not even a registered Democrat, I just plan on voting for Obama if I get the chance. Howard Dean and the Democratic leadership cares not one whit about what I think.

I saw that. The obama team sent me an email looking for donations to try and match hillary’s 5 million, but when you viewed what Obama had currently raised, it had already passed 5 million. :slight_smile:

$5,798,327.00 as of right now… that’s close to 6 million dollars raised in one day.

And of that $5,798,327.00 a whole 4.3E-6% of that is my donation today. (I’ll let you guys have fun working out that math.)

Did you mean to put on that percent sign? If so, your quarter probably isn’t doing that much good.

Oops. How did I manage to do that? Okay, factor of 100 error.

Realclearpolitic sez:
Clinton 1012, Obama 933. **


Thus a small but solid lead for Hil. Surprisingly good count for Obama.

$6,172,475.00 as of this posting.

She’s toast.