Obama not Kenyan after all

I’m certainly not a conservative, and I’m rather upset to find out! Fit to be tied!

And in further news, the link I put up no longer works, because The Young Turks pulled their video of the story from Youtube. I have to wonder why. Did they discover that they were wrong about how widespread the tapes were? Did they suspect they had been hoaxed by some conservative wanting to put the story about Obama’s mom in play? Did somebody from the Liberal Elite tell them, “We don’t want this story out, can you just pull it for us …”?

Why, the mind blazes with the possibilities!

Hum. I actually liked the trailer and the texts on the website. I felt someone had put in a lot of effort to make this very elaborate and quite intelligent pastiche. Now that you are making me believe it’s actually not a humour site (at least not intentionally), I don’t know what to think. I really thought it was pretty good.

Clobber me with a feather: and here I’d always thought Progressives, taking joy that we’re all free to express our love for anyone of our own choosing, were the target demographic for all that “white sluts choking on BBC” porn.

White sluts and British Broadcasting? I don’t…I mean, I can’t quite… Come to think on it, I don’t really want to know.

White sluts choking on BBC, you say? (SFW)

That’s really sad. You can’t really dust for BBC, though.