Obama not Kenyan after all

IT IS MUCH WORSE THAN THAT!!! :eek::smiley:

So, in other words, he’s the son of TWO “natural born citizens” then?

Well! Glad we could clear that up. Birthers, you can stand down now.


The Freepers were pushing this before the 2008 election. It doesn’t matter what discredits Obama. It can be contradictory to the last item that discredits Obama. Both will be believed. All that matters is discrediting him.

Obama’s real father is Dr. Dre?!




I’m cool with that.

So he’s the product of a gay marriage? Oh goodness, think of the children!

To be fair, this story has been around for years, and the mainstream conservative media will not touch it. So we gotta note that this is from a whacko brigade so far out there that the current set of mainstream Republican whackos (whose elected leaders HAVE embraced birtherism and other nonsense) won’t touch it. And give mainstream conservatives full credit for not touching it.

HOWEVER, the story is even sleazier than you think. Not only does this guy claim that Frank Marshall is Obama’s father, he also claimed that Marshall had Obama’s mother do bondage modelling, and sold the photos to successful bondage publications of the time, when his own attempt to start a bondage magazine tanked.

This is all based on what I would describe as a fanciful resemblance between Obama’s mother and a bondage model named Marcy Moore. Since this put the story right into the purview of my blog, I wrote a post about it. In which I said:

Cite (and it is totally NSFW).

OMG! They’re both black, so they both look alike!

Obama also looks a lot like a young white woman named Stanley.Conspiracy I tell ya,

More to the point, the portraits on the cover of the book show Barack and Mr. Davis leaning in the same direction, AND IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION THAT THE ELDER BARACK OBAMA IS LEANING IN! HOW COULD IT BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS???!!!???

I’ve also heard that Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Jimi Hendrix are Obama’s real father. Basically, any black man who was famous in the’60s is a candidate.

(How cool would the last one be, though?)

Not even Orly Taitz will touch it. In fact it aggravates her, because it goes against her Birtherist narrative.

Jerome Corsi, OTOH, is pimping it.

If Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist, the more we have of them the better.

In a related story, an otherwise normal-seeming coworker the other day let me know that Obama is a Muslim after all. I gave a few objections which he at least answered, but when pressed for evidence he was a little dodgy. The only thing I could get out of him was that Obama was sworn in on a Koran instead of a Bible for some office back in Illinois. Has anyone heard this one? Is there anything to it?

Snopes sez that is a mistaken reference to Rep. Keith Ellison, who in 2007 did swear his oath of office on a Quran, only not exactly (read the link).

I think Corsi qualifies for out-there fringe area nuttery.

Well this thread just got a lot more current. Seems some Republican dirty tricksters are flooding Ohio with the very video we have been discussing. I guess for a political dirty trickster there is NO blow too low … anything that wins I guess.

How far are we from hearing about it on Fox and MSNBC? Not far at all, I suspect. Here’s a link to Cenk Ugyar discussing the video flood on The Young Turks. The video has black bars across the “naughty” parts of Moore’s porn photos, but still may not be safe for work.
Link – possibly NSFW.

We’ve got an expert on any subject in the Dope. But, why do you think such magazines would be unfamiliar to conservatives?

So wait, this video in the OP link is meant to prove the legality of an Obama Presidency, right?

Yeah, I’m try to decide on whether or not them finally admitting he’s American is a step up or not.

I don’t think they would be, except for honest social conservatives. Clearly, there’s no reason why fiscal conservatives, libertarian-leaning conservatives or hypocritical social conservatives would not be familiar with bondage magazines.