New twist on Birtherism: Obama's real father was an American (Communist)

Joel Gilbert tries to prove that in his new direct-to-DVD notumentary Dreams from My Real Father:

(If Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist, the more we have of them the better.)

And now WND’s Jerome Corsi (author of The Obama Nation) is pimping it.

Orly Taitz is nonplussed:

I hesitated posting this in Elections rather than MPSIMS because, well, how could this crap possibly be relevant to or influential on the election?!

But, I once thought that about the Tea Party, and, they still won’t go away, so I guess this might not either . . .

I can’t stop giggling about that quote from Orly Taitz.

I may NEVER stop giggling about that quote from Orly Taitz.

Obama was born in 1961, at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal in some US states and that would not be struck down until he was six years old.

It is asinine to assume his mother would believe anyone would care whether his father was a black American communist, or a Kenyan national. She lacked a crystal ball, however you can be sure the very real prejudices of the time weighed heavily on her mind, not made up nonsense.

The problem is, there is a grain of truth behind “the obvious gaps in Obama’s history”. Apparently no one knows where he was on August 11th, 1985 between 7:45 PM and 1:15 the next morning. Alien encounter, implanting the chip in his brain, having gay sex, or worse?

ETA: WTF is up with people? Did the communists plant a mole so that one day he would save GM, kill OBL, and pwn Donald Trump?

All at once? There’s no need to choose! :slight_smile: (Especially since we know all about those aliens and their anal-probing butt-fixation . . .)

I just want to know if the Jerome on another message board is the same guy as Jerome Corsi.
Mostly so I can make fun of him.

[shrug] Ask him.

I thought Corsi was a big time Birther? Why the switch?

Is “reasoned logic and speculation” the new code for “stuff that flying monkeys delivered straight from my posterior orifice”?

Guess he got bored. Or, still considers himself a Birther but (unlike Taitz) sees no reason for a foolish consistency when some fresh and juicy angle happens along.

That’s true. None of Obama’s writings contain any first-hand accounts of his own conception. What is he trying to hide?!

I like that she’s been working on it 24/7/365. The sleep deprivation would explain a lot.

Please don’t die, birtherism. Keep fuckin’ that chicken!

Corsi is a big time Hater, and he’s just looking for a new path.

The other titles offered on that page are a real treat, too. Damn, there’s a whole cottage industry out there on this subject!

That ain’t nuttin’ new. Hillary Clinton got her own cottage industry.

And if Hillary runs in 2016, I can’t wait to once again hear all about Vince Foster.

Vince Foster is Obama’s real father? :confused:

And now you know … the rest of the story.

Paul Harvey was Obama’s real father?! No way. In 1961, dude would’ve been way too old to get it up.