Obama Picks Sotomayor for Supreme Court, AP Says

President Obama has picked Sonia Sotomayor, a judge on the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for the Supreme Court, making her the first Hispanic selected to be a justice, according to the Associated Press. He’s going to announce the nominee today at 10:15 a.m. Eastern time, according to news services.

Damn! I had money on Alberto Gonzales.

That is the scariest shit ever. I’m sending you the bill for therapy and an Ambien prescription for my now sleepless nights.

But…but…she’s too faaaat! And she has diabetes! And she has too much eeeempathy! (*) She’ll never do. What the Supreme Court needs is a white man with no empathy. What the hell is Obama thinking??

(*) yes, all brain-damaged criticisms I’ve heard once Sotomayor’s name came up for consideration.

Well, it’s about time that we diabetic-Americans were represented in the highest court of the nation.

The conventional wisdom turned out to hold true, neat. A very good pick for the identity politics alone, republicans know that they really just have to go with it.

Wikipedia calls her a centrist, and says she upheld Bush’s Mexico City Policy on not allowing foreign abortions with US financial aid, but it doesn’t really say much else about her. What else do we know?

That she has an awesome last name. After I saw Cuban high jumper Juan Sotomayor at the '88 (I think) Olympics I ran around randomly saying “Sotomayor!” for days, Beavis-style.

If you want interesting trivia, Aesiron, she made a key ruling in the 1994-95 Major League Baseball strike. Here are some brief summaries of well known cases she was involved in.

Thanks, Marley.

I like her.

Ok. That was my surreal moment of the day.
Various tidbits:

10 Things You Should Know About Sotomayor.

Of course, the Leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, hopes she fails, with the added bonus of confirming yet again his hope that President Obama fails.

The RNC accidentally sent the day’s Talking Points to the press.
There are lots of other stories about her and the nomination on this page.

She’s got an interesting history. Rulings that upset both sides galore!

Bricker: while you’re here, why doesn’t the 14th Amendment make the 2nd Amendment applicable to the states?