Obama plays Santa at childrens' hospital

Okay, he really hasn’t got the figure and his disguise was minimal but the Guardian has a nice article here on Obama setting the right example.

Keep up the good work, sir!

Class Act all the way. Well done Mr. President.

Well done. I miss that guy.

Fox News: Is Obama planning massive violations of the fourth amendment to spread socialism to our children?

They actually had a story on that on Fox News online. A positive story about Obama on Fox News. I almost swooned!

Ah, remember when we had a human being as president?

Well done Mr Obama. The whole world misses your smile.

Me too. Heck, I miss George Bush; never thought I’d say that.

Obama acts more presidential out of office than does the current occupant of the Oval Office


If he gave out any little green army men, he could be in trouble vis-a-vis the third…

I googled that and got some stock quotes. confused

I found in the urban dictionary that it could either mean “Not For Jews” or “No Fucking Joke.” I’m pretty sure ThelmaLou meant it as the latter.

Or it could be a stock tip.