Obama should be impeached

The straw the breaks the camel’s back? The treatment of accused traitor Bradley Manning. For a long time now press reports have had him abused and humiliated in his cell. No sleep, being deprived of his clothes, etc. The would be unacceptable treatment for Herman Goering, Aldrich Ames or Richard Hansen after conviction. It is a breach of the law and human decency. There is no way that after so many reports that the administration cannot know of it up and down the levels. At this point they have constructive notice. They took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and are flagrantly violating it. So are Attorney General Eric Holder and and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. I will not vote for Obama again and I will vote for anyone without a track record of doing this who has a chance of beating Obama as long as they don’t brag in advance they will keep doing it. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, but I cannot imagine Romney or Huckabee allowing this to happen. This is disgusting. Obama disgusts me.

I would ideally like to see him impeached and Biden take over. I can’t imagine Biden abiding this kind of behavior.

Obama is too weak to protect America and the rights of Americans. If he can’t protect the basic human dignity of the rights of an accused American citizen, he can’t or won’t protect my rights, the rights of my political allies and the rights of my political opponents. If he won’t protect my rights, he won’t protect my physical security either. He was too weak to personally push for a public option. He was too weak to personally push for repeal of DADT or the Defense of Marriage Act, others have backed him into those positions. He is just weak. He has no convictions other than not rocking the boat.

Impeach Obama.

Would you have impeached George W. Bush for similar offenses?

And are the courthouse doors not open for Mr Manning and his lawyers to complain about his treatment?

This topic has been discussed before. It sounds to me like Manning has been placed on a suicide watch.

This is why we get administrations like Bush 43. Not because Presidents have direct responsibility for the treatment of each and every government detainee, but because idiots vote against their own interest over single issues and poor understanding of executive roles and functions.

What the OP advocates is fucking retarded.

Let me guess - Rolling Stone reporters? :rolleyes:


Shitty guess.

It is in the NYT and all over the net if you read.
http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2010/12/14/manning It has been well publicized that he is getting treated terribly and has been convicted of nothing.

Your OP is glaringly lacking in cites.

I’m always amused by people who offer a cite without a quote. Do you think no one will read your cite and see that there is no there there?

ZOMG! How dare we not treat a traitor who has endangered the lives of hundreds of soldiers with a plush three room apartment with cable TV, wi-fi, and IKEA furniture! :rolleyes:

No one, least of all the OP, has taken anything like that position.

:rolleyes: right back atcha.

Naked for seven hours at Quantico on Wednesday, clothes returned Thursday - this alone does not warrant impeachment of the President of the United States. Firing of the brig supervisor perhaps, but not impeachment or anything like that.

Yes, because there is nothing in-between torture and living in luxury.

Sorry, Maybe I’m misunderstanding. Is it your position that the two articles cited do not in fact describe what seems to be unusually harsh treatment of Manning? 'Cause they clearly do.

I would have impeached W for Guantanamo prisoner treatment, Abu Ghraib, starting the war in Iraq, outing Valerie Plame, lying to Congress about the yellow cake uranium that led to outing Valerie Plame, dereliction of duty after the Aug 6, 2001 memo. Etc. I’m highly partisan for Democrats in general and against Republicans in general.

What is happening to Manning is straight out of the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney playbook. It’s cowardly, weak, and tyrannical. Even if one were not to grant Manning a presumption of innocence, this isn’t something to be done to anyone convicted of anything. Herman Goering was treated better after his conviction, as well as all the other Nazis condemned at Nuremberg.

It’s been going on for months now. The captain is in charge of the ship. Bush was responsible for all of the crimes of his administration like torture that he admits he approved. Obama is responsible for what the officer under him do. Just last week we saw a commander of a navy ship removed for what a small portion of his underlings were doing while in port. Either Obama doesn’t read the news (not likely), doesn’t care or is too afraid to do anything (likely), or approves. In any event the Manning episode is merely the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. The Obama administration has squelched all prosecutions and investigations of Bush era torture, has put the economy under the control of advisers who worked for the companies that got it into its most serious crisis ever and generally doesn’t do anything worthwhile as President. The only exceptions are his two Supreme Court appointments who both seem quite qualified. As a Democrat he has personally taken no great risks and achieved no great victories. I suppose I should be grateful for him not tanking the economy worse than it was, but that required no leadership or skill from him as Wall Street controls the legislative and executive branches. He doesn’t say a whole bunch of stupid things like Bush did constantly, but that really is damning with faint praise.

The more appropriate cliche in this case would be the Myth of management: Nobody really what’s going on in your organization.

But let’s just say he did. This is SOP for military suicide watch prisoners, nothing new.

Why are you getting so all worked up about it? Is it because you have deeply held convictions about what constitutes acceptable prisoner treatment and conditions of captivity under certain circumstances? Or are you one of the lunatics who believes Manning should not even be in there in the first place?

What were all the previous straws?

It’s my position that if you want to make an argument, you have to… make an argument. So, make your argument. Present it here in black and white. Don’t tell me to go read something and feel like you’re done.

Quote the part of the article that tells us we should impeach Obama, and make your case. I’m all ears.

From the *New York Times *article:

Looks like you have a case against Quantico. Not the Obama Administration.

I’m not arguing that Obama should be impeached; please take that particular point up with the OP. The articles were presented not to show that Obama should be impeached but as evidence that Manning seems to be getting unusually harsh treatment, based on another poster’s apparent disbelief that this could be the case. Seems like you were saying that one has to quote the articles in this thread for them to be legitimate cites. So, apparently you meant something else. Fair enough.