Obama show pushing back World Series

Ok, at these final stages of the election, I am getting really paranoid about any little thing that Obama could do to mess the good thing he has going up. (Big sigh of relief from me after the last debate) So, the night before the election, Obama is airing a half hour “show”, which is actually now pushing the start of the world series game that night back a little. Is this really a good idea? not just because of pushing a game back, but just the idea of a half hour Obama infomercial (which to my knowledge Mccain is not doing) airing on prime time network TV the night before the election has the potential to rub people the wrong way, particularly the undecided. People don’t really like political ads on the whole I don’t think. And seeing what would seem like a tv show on a major network glorifying Obama could seem over the top and biased to many. Is this really something that Obama needs to do? It seems more like a move for a losing candidate, and it makes me nervous that they would decide to do something that could annoy a lot of people the night before the election. Am I just paranoid, or are there legitimate reasons to be perplexed by this campaign decision?

People have the choice to watch it or not. I highly doubt the night before the election everyone who is annoyed is not going to still cast their ballot if that is what they were intending to do in the first place.

All the games already start too late because they want the games in prime time (then wonder why kids grow up not caring about baseball anymore). Besides, if it the Rays and Phillies no one is going to be watching anyway.

On the whole, people don’t like any ads. They do work, though, or people wouldn’t be spending billions of dollars a year on them.

It is not the night before the election. Obama’s ad is set for Oct. 29, whereas the vote takes place Nov. 4. And the hypothetical Game 6 of the World Series would be delayed by only 8 minutes. Anyway, people who don’t want to see Obama won’t see him on Fox, where they’ll run their usual pre-game show.

So to summarize my stance: big deal.