Obama Staff Flummoxed By White House Tech!

How can he be expected to run the country effectively when he can’t even figure out how to work the phone system!

:rolleyes: Clinton fixed all that! Doesn’t anyone remember the whole scandal which ensued when Clinton had a new phone system installed? Was Obama too snooty to ask Hillary how to use the phone? Or did she just tell him to “figure it out your own damn self, dick.”?

Did Ms. Dupree leave her purse with Spitzer again?

“Hope and Change” my ass, what we have here is the first of many clusterfucks that this Administration will inflict upon this nation in the coming four years. This never would have happened if McCain had gotten elected! That man knows how to get things done without any of your fancy schmancy emails. The country is paralyzed and the last thing we need is a President who can’t figure how to do his job without his “toys.”:mad:

Lest anyone think I’m being serious here, I’ll point out that this is a parody of the threads about Biden and Cheney currently in the Pit. :wink:

Guess that answers the question about who’ll be picking up the phone at 3 am. :wink:

Speaking as someone who’s manned a few reception desks as an office temp, phone systems are unnecessarily complex and unstandardized. I imagine the WH’s would be doubly so.

I hate it when someone wins the thread early.

I heard that if you hit # at just the right moment, you’ll get connected through time and space to the intercom on the roof right next to where Willie Nelson was smoking that joint during the Carter administration, and he’ll sing you a song.

Sorry- I usually like to let the tension build for a little while but somehow Vinyl Turnip always gets in there first when I do that.

Incidentally, woot! I won something!

I hope they put a really top flight message taker on duty at the answering service.