Obama sticks thumb in GOP's eye with 15 recess appointments

Republicans howl about abuse of Senate traditions and procedures

It’s about time the White House took off the gloves and started giving as good as it has been taking. I hope this is just the start of bypassing the Republicans altogether. Bipartisanship is for pussies.

Obviously, I don’t want to see the Republicans bypassed entirely. Actually, I’d like to see the Dems voted out of control of both sides of Congress.

That noted, I don’t really have a problem with Obama using recess appointments. Both parties have gotten absolutely ridiculous about the confirmation process, going back at least as far as Robert Bork, maybe longer. As I understand it, the Senate is expected to confirm presidential appointments unless there is some demonstrable reason not to do so. As long as the nominee is at least minimally qualified for the post, a mere difference in political philosophy is not grounds to block a nomination.

Kind of agree with the first part (I’d like to see some centrist republicans take over the nutjob republican seats, and the same for the dems, actually), but I completely agree with the second part.

I disagree with you there. I think that the Senate is perfectly free to reject a nominee for whatever reason they want to, even if it’s just that they think his views on something are too extreme. What I think is problematic is the refusal to even let the nominations come to a vote. If the would be Secretary of Human Services supports cannibalism as a solution to the hunger problem, then by all means don’t approve him, but actually go to the trouble of voting to reject him, so that the President can nominate somebody else who might be more acceptable.

Well, cannibalism would fall under “demonstrable reason not to do so”. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I agree with giving the nominees an up or down vote.

Well, it would be a disagreement on policy, at least.

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