Obama winning women over

From USAToday:

Barack Obama has moved into double-digit leads over Republican John McCain in two new polls of women voters, suggesting he is drawing support from women who once backed Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama led McCain 51%-38% in Gallup polling of 2,263 registered female voters June 5-9. The 13-percentage-point lead among women was up from 5 points the previous week, before the Democratic nomination ended. Obama now matches Clinton’s performance against McCain, Gallup said Wednesday.

The Gallup results mirrored Obama’s 52%-39% lead among women in a Rasmussen Reports poll of 3,000 likely voters June 8-10.This is higher than Kerry’s 51-48 split with Bush in 2004!

Up for debate: will this disparity widen even further as women learn of McCain’s draconian views on women and their causes? I believe it will. MSNBC yesterday cited a new poll showing that a sizable number of women are unaware that McCain is anti-abortion. From a woman’s right to choose to health care for children, McCain’s policies will be unattractive to most women when they find out what they are.

Obama also leads in other perhaps surpising categories as well:

Blue collar workers: 47-42

Clinton primary voters: 61-19

Hispanics and latinos: 62-28

Early, yet, Lib. Early.

It’s a long four+ months to November and we’ll all be astonished at the trials, tribulations, and surprises we’ll find along the way.

I agree there is a lot yet to come out for both side. However, I will say I think this election is heavily favoring the dems. The season is ripe for a non-republican president.

He may get a boost from women reacting with outrage to crap like Fox News calling Michelle “Obama’s Baby Mama”.

Yep, folks, it’s gonna get nasty, real nasty. I just hope the hatemongers discover they’ve overplayed their wornout hand this time.

Please permit me to gloat that, in a libertarian society, what Fox News has done with this election would constitute fraud.