Obamacare question

With this last election Americans have, unfortunately, totally committed themselves to drinking the socialist Kool-Aid. Oh, well. All empires have to collapse eventually and something has to be the cause of it’s demise.

And, like all the hacks who voted for it, I haven’t read much of the law, so I have some questions:

Sal Slacker is 30 years old. He doesn’t work. He lives in his parents basement smoking bongs of fruit loops and playing video games all day. His parents don’t seem to have a problem with this.

So…? Does Sal get free health care? He doesn’t have a job (nor does he want one) so he doesn’t get employer provided health insurance, and he has 0 income so he can’t buy it on his own. He is over 26, so he doesn’t qualify to be on his parents plan.

What does the health care law say about dipshits like Sal?

Question 2:

Lucky Larry won the lottery 5 years ago. He took the lump sum payout of $100 million. He keeps all this under his mattress (no banks, no interest income). He of course quit his job. Today, while rich, Larry has no current income. No job means no employer provided health insurance.

Does Larry get free health insurance? He has no taxable income for which to pay for it.

Let’s start by poisoning the well. :rolleyes:
Sal Slacker is going to need to get a job or get his parents to pay for his health care.

Lucky Larry doesn’t exist, so there is no need for health insurance.

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pkbites, I’m sure you know that political jabs are not permitted in General Questions, let alone as the OP of a thread. This is an official warning. Do not do this again.

I’m also closing it since you’ve poisoned the well on your own question. You may open another thread on the subject devoid of the blather.

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