Obamanauts: share suggestions on what to do to help our side

Inspired by this thread, in which Diogenes the Cynic is celebrating a mite too early.

I’ve already assisted in voter registration, and I will be helping drive Obama voters to to polling places on the Day.

Anybody else?

Personally, I’m going over the frightening Illinois/Indiana border deep into Hoosier country to canvass this weekend :smiley:

As for “what can I do?”, my best advice would be to call the local field office and ask them. I’m sure they have plenty for you to do. I’m guessing you’re soliciting more creative suggestions than that but, for anyone reading this thread, that’s what they should be doing foremost if they really want to give it their all.

I defintely wouldn’t mind helping drive voters to the polling stations. How exactly would someone go about volunteering to do that?

I can’t.

I’m Civil Service. They fire me, fine me, & toss me inna pokey, maybe.

I have volunteered to cross the mighty Mississippi and drive voters to the polls on election day. First time I have ever contributed to a political candidate and first time I have ever volunteered. You may thank Sarah Palin for that. She scares the shit out of me.

Start here. Also Google “Obama campaign field office” + your state.

I’ll work extra hard on your behalf.

Step One: Never, ever, ever use the word “Obamanauts” again.
Step Two: You know what? Step One is probably enough.

I had to find some way to express my meaning and still fit in the title box. “Obama supporters” made it too long; as it is, I had to leave out “to win.”


My very assholish uncle-in-law is a registered Democrat and is supporting McCain.

Well, I’d like to help, but Sarah Palin is protected from witchcraft. Sorry.

Doesn’t seem to be a problem for this guy.

You’re thinking because of exceptions like that, people wouldn’t get the gist?

I’m going to stop teasing you about your word choice so the thread can move on as intended.

And slightly more on-topic: I’ve received my early-voting instructions, but I’m still waiting for the mailman to bring the often-voting ones. That can’t do anything but help!

Now you’ve done it. Bricker is going to cite you as an example of liberal voter fraud and tie you to ACORN. It won’t make sense but there you go…

Actually my point is that some persons whom you would THINK would be supporting Senator Obama are not, so it is wise to be specific, and also to do whatever we can to help our side.

My uncle-in-law, Reverend Fuckwit, is a single-issue voter this year; he believes Obama is a heathen. Also he thinks that the banking crisis is God’s will and a harbinger of the Rapture, so nothing done to correct it matters. Did I mention hes a fuckwit?

I ain’t famous enough to get away with it!

Identify the source of my quote. :slight_smile:

I’ve relentlessly assailed McCain to a coworker who’s on the fence, if that helps.

Otherwise, I’m voting for him in a state that really, truly matters this time.

Now, while I’m here, I think a few things might be helpful in the event of an Obama victory (this is for Dopers, Dems in general, and the incoming Obama administration):

[li]Please don’t gloat.[/li][li]Shut up about guns[/li][li]Shut up about raising taxes[/li][li]Don’t denigrate religion[/li][li]Don’t assume anyone that anyone who voted for McCain is a racist troglodyte[/li][/ul]

I’m not pre-accusing anyone of doing this; I just don’t want to see this sort of thing uglifying an already heated political environment. It’s important that a bit of class and humility be exercised, IMHO, because there are a lot of people out there taking a leap of faith for Obama, and I would hate to see this faith squandered.

For my part, my bumper sticker and yard signs are being taken off/down first thing, 11/5.

I don’t know exactly why I posted this, maybe I’m worried and I want things to get off to a good start.

One of the things I’ve done is leave Obama-safe New York State and traveled down to Philadelphia to canvass: all of last weekend and 1 day each of the next 2, then all of the last weekend and election day for the Get Out the Vote drive.

I ended up in one somewhat Obama-safe neighborhood and one that was pretty Obama-safe. For the duration, I’ve asked to go to neighborhoods with people who are leaning McCain.

We were also signing up volunteers as we canvassed (to be contacted later) and we told many people even donating water, sodas, cookies and other snacks would be a help in keeping the people in the field going (in the hope that the donor would decide to get more involved).*

You can also volunteer to work the phones from almost any state to almost any state, now but especially Getting Out the Vote on Election Day.

  • I liked the woman who yelled from across the street asking what I was doing and enthusiatically and unreservedly signed up to volunteer. I’m also not vain enough to think she was trying to pick me up and believe wholeheartedly it was about the campaign.

I’m leaving the comforting embrace of Ann Arbor (the kind of place where crazy guys on the bus recommend PBS documentaries; it happened to me this morning) to go canvass the hinterlands (ie, Toledo) on Saturday.

Ohio. shudder I’ll probably survive, though. I hope.