Obama's Financial Powerhouse Team: Will he run the country like Google?

President Elect Obama has assembled a groupof power brokers to help him decide the right course of action for the country’s financial mess. Notable additions to the team are Warren Buffet, Google CEO Erik Schmidt, and a swath of other corporate giants who will attempt to see if they can get to the bottom of this financial debacle.

Personally, I look at Google corporation as a keystone for future corporate models. They prioritize the model very effieciently, and look to the future instead of the bottom line*. I like their corporate philosophy and their list of ten thingsthey mark as important to the health of the company and to their constituency. My hope is that President Elect Obama will choose the right team to keep the people in mind when they decide the financial future of the next few months. It’s going to be the next few months that decide the next several years in terms of how healthy our financial infrastructure will be.

What do you think? Will Obama choose the right folks? Do you think his starting team is decent?