Obama's harvard Transcript?

Right-wing radio talk show hosts (like Beck and O’Reilly) keep harping on the “fact” that Obama has never released his law school grades.
Is this true?
Presumably he had to apply for jobs in the past, so wouldn’t his academic records be on file somewhere?

They’re in the same secret dossier as his “official” birth certificate. :rolleyes:

Is that really important? I never had to release my graduate school grades to anyone.

Maybe for lawyers it’s different.

According to wikipedia:

"In late 1988, Obama entered Harvard Law School. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year,[35] and president of the journal in his second year.[36] During his summers, he returned to Chicago, where he worked as a summer associate at the law firms of Sidley Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990.[37] After graduating with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude[38] from Harvard in 1991, he returned to Chicago.[35] "

Which probably means his grades were pretty good.

Yes, I guess he got better than a “solid C”.

Only magna? Piker! :smiley:

Seriously, editor of the Harvard law review and magna cum laude is nothing to sneeze at. The only thing releasing his grades would accomplish is allowing nitpickers to go over individual courses with a fine toothed comb: “He only made a B- in Negotiable Instruments?!? My God! Is this the man we want dictating our nation’s financial policy??”

He was editor in chief of their law review. I don’t know what specific process Harvard uses for selection of editor in chief but the selection process to get on the law review in the first place usually involves grading in near the top of your class for your first and possibly second years. I don’t know what anyone has to gain by “revealing” Obama’s grades other than to support the notion that Obama wans’t the valedictorian or something like that.

Even if he had straight A+'s, that would only mean he’s a dangerous intellectual elitist. You know, someone who reads a paper. But you’re certainly right that there’s just no upside for him to release the info.

Or he shouldn’t release them because they’re none of your f*cking business.

Shouldn’t George Will be the one to complain about this? I don’t think Beck and Limbaugh have the academic standing.

I started doing a google search to see if his grades were out there but I came across this very interesting Daily Mirror article instead. It’s about his election as president of the Harvard Law Review, but a lot of it can be seen as prefiguring the presidential election.

I missed the part where his legitimacy as editor was questioned because of whether or not he was actually a student at Harvard. I heard he could only produce a copy of his acceptance letter – a COPY!!!

Have any of the other recent presidents (past 20 years or so) released their grades?

Note: I’m just curious about this, not trying to start any tu quoquery - is there a custom of releasing grades, and Obama’s not following that custom, or is it just something that O’Reilly came up with on his own?

I remember Bush and Kerry’s overall GPAs both became public, but I don’t know if they released that information themselves.

IIRC the funny part about that was Kerry was the “smart” guy and Bush was the “idiot”.

Yet GPA’s were similar. But the real kicker was Bushes grades as college life progessed got BETTER. As college life rolled on Kerry’s got WORSE. Barring any other info, its pretty obvious to me who was the more mature and smarter college student when all was said and done.

Of course I could be completely misremembering this or believing propaganda feed to me…

Kerry’s overall GPA was slightly lower than Bush - this did not get released until after the campaign, and was found in the limited version of Kerry’s military records that he released as part of the follow-up to some of the Swift Boat activities.

Both of them apparently pulled their grades up during their college careers, though both were also apparently pretty mediocre students even in their senior years.

Law review is usually an anonymous process that is based strictly on grades or an additional write-on process. He was doing just fine academically.

LOL! Is this seriously coming from the party that gave us George W. Bush, cheerleader extraordinaire?!?

Then again, they somehow managed to counter “Got an elitist home position in order to avoid the draft and then didn’t even fulfill those duties with integrity” (“W”) with “But some of the other Swift Boat captains didn’t like him” . . . (Kerry)

And they also suceeded in following up “OMFG we have witnesses that he (Clinton) once smoked Marijuana” with “Yeah, he (“W”) did a lot of coke, but he’s been SAVED since then, so, you know, reboot. . . .”

I am really looking forward to the return of integrity to the Republican party. It’s getting pathetic, and we really need more than one viable party for the system to work.

Here is one possible angle.

His grades werent AS good as OTHERS who got into Law Review or whatever. And then the question becomes WHY? One obvious answer. Affirmative action (either official or unofficial).

Not saying that this true or not or important or not or even relevant or not, but IMO thats the angle one side wants to use and its a factor the Obama crowd would rather not address (cause unless the dude got a 4.0, it would be “plausible”, even if not “true”)

Return? Are you sayin they had it back in Eisenhower days? I’m willing to be convinced.