Obama's New stimulus package.

Finally a Obama stimulus package that will work. :slight_smile:

Theres nothing like helping business improve their drooping sales.

[SPOILER] Washington gridlock isn’t the only dysfunction President Obama has become the face of.

Suppliers of black-market Viagra sold in Pakistan are using the President’s likeness to help sell imitations of the anti-impotence drug, allowing the man with the most difficult job in the world to, unwittingly, help others achieve a similar degree of hardness in their own lives.[/SPOILER]

I want to, but I can’t. I just can’t. Please read something about the economic crisis and the stimulus.

It’s a Viagra joke Marley.

Nothing the US can do about the Obama packaging since its a black market item in Pakistan. At least he’s dressed tastefully in a suit. :wink:

I know what the joke is. It’s a pun and the joke is that the ARRA didn’t do anything. And not to be the guy who fact-checks a joke, but since you picked that punch line - the stimulus helped the economy a lot.

You’re right the stimulus did help our economy. I couldn’t resist going for the joke.

BTW. Shouldn’t that be a package stimulus ?

:smiley: that business’ prospects are rising.

And I believe that’s thread.

That didn’t take very long. Okay guys, pack it up, we’re going home. There’s nothing more to see here. Fugazi just won.

If your GDP rises for more than 4 quarters, consult an economist.

Who said inflation was a bad thing?