Obama's son

Ray Rice

Micheal Brown

You pick em.
Beer summit if this gets ugly.


“Jesus was my son, Buddha was my son, Mohammad, Moses, you, the man who said there was no room at the inn was my son and so is the one who charges eleven dollars for a steak in this one.”

Reported for forum change - not a debate, more like a half-assed rant.

Once again, other than the fact that all the people you’ve mentioned are black I don’t see what they have in common.

Could you give us a well-thought out, articulate explanation as to what you meant?

I’m not seeing a debate. Away with ye.

How about none of the above?

I’m not quite getting the point, here.

I don’t think you are nice and I dislike your opinion.
WTF is your point? Is Obama responsible in some way for a wife beater and two shooting victims?

Was Bush responsible for every white guy when he was in power?

Oh hold on the coffee is kicking in. Didn’t Obama say something like if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon?

That may have something to do with it. Still don’t know what the actual point is.

I guess the common theme is they are all black and the OP doesn’t care for black people.

I think he’s pointing out that President Obama isn’t exactly jumping forward to say [insert name of black guy who happens to be an asshole] “looks like he could have been my son.”

I don’t think this thread is going to get ugly, as he predicts/hopes. More like a lot of casual eye-rolling derision.

No more beer for the OP.


But…but… that would make the OP a racist. And the OP is surely not a racist. He’s a Nice Guy. With an Opinion.

At a glance, every single thread the OP has started seems to be some kind of poorly-worded swipe at President Obama, his wife, or his VP. He’s one-note on such a level that the only comparable posters I can think of are all banned (VC03/TLDR, etc.).

OP: there are plenty of us here who aren’t terribly fond of Obama right now, but you’ve gotta do better than this.

Good point, a racist by definition can’t be a nice guy and he clearly states that he’s a nice guy…this one’s a real head scratcher.

No, I don’t think it’s his son - I think it’s him. “Brothers and sisters have I none,” right? And then “but that man’s father is my father’s son.” “That’s man’s father” = His own father. “My father’s son” = Himself. Now do you get it?

I remind you that President Obama’s time in office will be coming to an end in a couple of years. We know you’re still very angry and hurt that he was elected and then re-elected to a second term, and those feelings make you want to lash out. But now it’s time for you and the other Komment Secshun Kroosaderz to rest. Put away your cheat sheet of five anti-Obama jokes and relax in front of the TV. Unwind, put your work boots on the coffee table, and chuckle along with some Fox News while enjoying a can of cold domestic light beer. Spend more time with your family, or if you’re feeling especially generous, less time. Your long, hard job is done. There’s a new generation of patriots ready to take the mantle and steer the country back on track.

God bless America.

And a pony?

Or how 'bout this? If Obama hadn’t been elected President, the crimes these three people committed would never have happened. Because they would have known their place. Or something. Hey, I’m not claiming it has to make any sense.

Missed edit window:

Sorry, substitute “were involved with” for “committed”. My bad.

Obama black! Me link him to other blacks! Me make point!