Obesity is now an illness.

From AP

I have not the words. Fortunately, the Onion does.

My favorite line:

I agree. It is an illness. The health problems that come from obesity are devastating. It’s a wonder they didn’t recognize it as such a long time ago. Why is this hard for you to believe?

I consider illness to be a condition of one’s body malfunctioning despite the best efforts of the person. I consider obesity to be (with a few exceptions) a self-induced condition.

There are devastating health problems that result from smoking. There are devastating health problems that result from huffing paint thinner. There are devastating health problems that result from getting run over by a cement mixer. That doesn’t make any of these things illnesses.

But, boy, if there was a way to get immunized against any of these things, you know people’d be lining up around the block to get them. Particularly that cement mixer thing.

Well, I’ve developed a cement mixer vaccination, but it requires a cinderblock-upside-the-head booster ever two years. And there are a few side-effects.

They’d probably do it like allergy shots, where they start by hitting you with a very small cement mixer, but then gradually increase the size as you build up your resistance.

Self induced, possibly, but for many people, very difficult to control. I fail to see the point of the OP.

Bollocks. Unless fat people have found a way of violating the laws of thermodynamics, their “illness” is caused by too much piggin’ and not enough joggin’.

If they have found a way of packing on the pounds without eating the food, well then I guess mankind’s energy crisis just got solved.

I’m sick, sick, sick, sick, sick of hearing fat people whinge about how it’s not their fault, and the whole world is conspiring to make them eat huge portions of food, blah blah.

You have lips, right? Well close them occasionally to stop those donuts sliding into your mouth. Got that?

:giggle: Excellent post! :smiley:

Heh. I just read the Onion article. I’m still mopping my desk.

This is the best part:

Public health policy and demanding stringent personal responsibility don’t always mesh well. Sure, you could say that obesity is self-induced and utterly avoidable, and why don’t we fatasses stop eating and start exercising. But if it costs less and helps people more to invest in obesity prevention and reversal (by making later treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer unnecessary), I’d say it’s a good decision, regardless of the nomenclature used for the condition or the blameworthiness of those who have it.

Emphysema and lung cancer aren’t illnesses? :confused:

Why does it have to be involuntary to be an illness? Many people wouldn’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, joint problems, etc., if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re overweight. The weight is the primary issue…the others are secondary.

Nevermind, godddamit. Proper reading comprehension alludes me today, apparently. You mean obesity, smoking and cement mixers aren’t illnesses. Gotcha. Carry on.

Hmm. I’m sitting here web-enabling an intake questionaire for bariatric patients. Looking at all of the various reasons for weight gain and the many many possible ways that people have tried to deal with it and failed, I have to conclude that you are full of shit.

No, those are definitely illnesses. That’s why they weren’t on my list.

I suppose people with cancer that have huge growths on their bodies are somehow violating the laws of thermodynamics too.

I’m fat because I’m lazy and like eating but it is an illness to *some * people, your vitriolic diatribe notwithstanding.

Whoops, sorry, Nutty Bunny. Had I previewed, I would have seen your follow-up post and not bothered with my last one.

[Broken Record]

Some people have glandular problems or other medical conditions which will cause them to get obese without it being their fault.

[/Broken Record]

But that is a small percentage of the population. Most people are fat because it’s easier to sit behind your desk all day, then go home, order a pizza and sit on the couch in front of the TV for the rest of the night until it’s time to go to sleep.

Generally speaking, people don’t get enough exercise anymore. Humans evolved to be hunter/gatherers, to be constantly busy. But we don’t do that anymore. We sit on our asses in front of the TV desperately looking for the next miracle drug which will melt away the fat without you having to do anything.

Now my tax dollars are going to go towards the stomach staplings of a bunch of fatass, lazy people who would just gain the weight back again if it were only a liposuction. Am I supposed to be happy about that?