Objecting to a continuance (need answers kinda fast)

As you may know, I am suing my former landlord. He has an attorney and I am pro per. This is not about the specifics of the case (Colorado if it matters) but rather a procedural question. His attorney filed for a continuance a few weeks ago that has still not been ruled on with the court date being Monday. Part of his motion was that I did not object to the continuance which is true. His attorney has indicated that he did not plan on being there Monday but assuming I call Monday morning and it has still not been ruled on, I plan to drive the 2-3 hours to court for the trial just in case.

If the other attorney does not show up, can I object at that time? I did not object because of my exchange of exhibits was late and I want one last consultation with an attorney over strategy, but if the other side is not there and I get a default judgement, all that is moot. If I object and the other side is not there, is it a guaranty (or as close as a guaranty that you get in court) that the judge will rule against the continuance and enter a default judgement?