Objects in pop culture that are bigger on the inside

I thought she got smaller, not that the bottle was bigger on the inside.

Buggerup University on XXXX. (The Last Continent - Terry Pratchett)

Tommy’s (Rugrats) diaper.

Mary Poppins, anyone?

It’s in the OP.

In the OP.

In the Discworld universe, there is The Luggage and DEATH’s home. And in one novel there was a cabinet or chest of drawers at the Unseen University that held a lot more than you’d expect. I don’t remember which novel it was, but it was probably in the Wizard series, though it could have been a Witches or Susan Sto Helit story too.

I don’t know if these fit in with the topic, but on the chance they do:

In Bullitt, Steve McQueen’s character drove a Mustang with a special transmission; he upshifted 18 times or so in that chase. And I think he lost 9 hubcaps in that chase too.

I’ve seen lots of movies and tv shows where firearms never needed to be reloaded.

How 'bout King’s Cross platform 9 3/4.

The filthiest toilet in Scotland in Trainspotting.

Any backpack/loot bag in almost every video game ever.

Huh. I searched, I swear. (I see now that the search result highlight didn’t jump out at me b/c the word in the OP was hlinked, obscuring the highlight).

OK, how about Ramona’s purse in Scott Pilgrim.

The Ministry of Magic chauffered cars with magically expanded interiors and trunks (sorry, boots) had that feature too. (I refer to a soft-sided attache case that always seems unexpectedly capacious as my “Ministry of Magic briefcase”.)

Hmm. Do bottomless cups of coffee count?

There was an episode of the D&D Cartoon where the kids trip out because a tower they entered was larger on the inside than the outside and I remember when I saw it as a kid I thought that was the coolest idea ever.

Bullwinkle’s Magic Hat.

Actually, ANY magician’s hat!

I remember an episode of the TV sitcom* Rhoda*, where she had befriended a bag lady. The woman pulled an impossible amount of stuff from her purse, and finally Rhoda asked, “Can I look in there?”

Oh, and Harpo Marx’s pockets, too.

A real life example is 10 Downing Street, which is a dinky townhouse on the outside, but a huge sixty room mansion on the inside. It was actually built using TARDIS technology.

Rufo’s trunk in Glory Road is another Heinlein example.

McGee’s closet.

Man, you all are good.

The Library at the Unseen University in the Discworld novels.