Blueprints for TV apartments

These are fascinating, and I don’t even watch much TV.

How are you using “fascinating” in your post?

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Where are the floorplans? All I get is a list of what should be links, but aren’t.

I thought the Simpsons house looked too big, but it makes more sense from this view.

These are damn awesome. I’ve shared them with my Architect friends.

I’m having trouble picturing any scenes in that weird tiny room with the TV behind the garage.

You aren’t the only one. Looks like a bean bag chair too? Can only remember Lisa’s room have a bean bag. DCnDC’s cut-away view is interesting too, but the dining room is way too narrow.

These are great, but I can’t help wondering what the exterior surfaces of the buildings must look like to accomodate these floor-plans. They must all be some seriously weird post-modernist buildings.

These plans remind me of old comic book issues that would show floor-plans for things like the Batcave or Avengers’ Mansion, which I always loved. As a little kid, I would use graph paper - the same type used to draw dungeon mazes for D&D - and draw my own maps of what I imagined things like the TARDIS or the inside of Snoopy’s doghouse would look like.

I’ve seen another site ages ago that had floor-plans for the Brady Bunch house, the offices of WKRP radio station and some of the Starship Enterprise (Next Generation version.) If I can find it, I’ll post a link.

The Frasier one is kind of odd having the bathrooms using exterior walls in a highrise. That’s prime floorspace with a view to waste on bathrooms.

Here’s a reasonable Brady Bunch floor plan:


It even includes Greg’s attic bedroom, complete with beads.

It seems to be missing the walk-in linen closet.

Me too. When I saw the floorplan I thought “when the the Simpsons get a rumpus room?”

Me too, is it actually something was appeared on the show, or just a room added to make the rest of the floorplan work. :dubious: I don’t remember ever seeing the downstairs powder room either (though it would make sense for the house to have).

I’d heard mention of The Simpsons rumpus room years ago. Apparently it has only appeared in ***one ***episode, season five’s ‘Lady Bouvier’s Lover’.

And ten years or so ago Fox build a full scale replica of The Simpsons house and gave it away as the grand prize for a contest (the winner took a $75,000 cash substitute instead).

I wonder if he’s ever done Mary Tyler Moore’s original apartment, i.e., the one in Phyllis’s house? :dubious:

I love that none of the bathrooms have toilets.

I draw your attention to:
TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes

BTW–I own a copy.
It’s great!

Very, very cool! Thanks.

The blueprint for the Golden Girls house is a really tortured attempt to make sense of TV sets that showed an impossible house & weren’t even consistant from episode to episode. Most episodes had all the girls’ bedrooms stage right (I assume that’s supposed to be Blanche’s bedroom on the other side of the house), the door in the bank of the kitchen led outside, the garage wasn’t connected to the house, & the driveway could be seen from the kitchen window. And what’s up with that strange little room off the lanai, and why do those 2 bedrooms have a connecting door? :confused: