OBL on Trial HOW?

How could you try(??? -what is the correct spelling when used this way??) OBL.

I will assume he is caught alive and brought here.

Where would you find 12 people who AREN’T prejudice enuff against the guy? Where could you find a defender? How could you keep him safe for trial?

Also wouldn’t that just make it so the terrorist groups would try more acts to get attention during the trial or possibly to free him?

And they thought the OJ trial was a media circus? :slight_smile:

Who would capture him? The only opposing force in Afghanistan is The Northern Alliance, and what is there for us to attack. Rocks?

Am I too assume we would just kill him first and NOT try to capture him?

Well, there may be a few objective SDMB posters in NYC that could fill the task…


They managed to try plenty of Nazi war criminals. Admittedly many of those were show trials at best, but it does show that nations can try the unthinkable in a legitamite manner that does not sully that nation in the eyes of the world.

I think that is precisely the answer.

Milosevic is going to stand trial. Its going to be a fair trial, I bet, and the verdict will be (a la The Producers) “incredibly guilty”. However, it will be difficult if not actually impossible to capture him. If they send us his head in a basket of figs how will we know for sure its even him? But I think that the whole bin Laden thing should be treated as a criminal matter, and not as a political one.

WWKD? (What Would Kissinger Do?)

Establish a base on the Afghan border. Buy a few thousand AK-47 on the open market (they go for about $20 a piece, I’m given to understand) Let the word go out that every volunteer who arrives, joins our Freedom Fighters, I mean, the wholly independent, unaffiliated Freedom Fighters. will recieve admission to America. Call them the Green Card Berets.

The final Kissinger touch would be to ditch them after they serve our purpose, good luck, fuck you, goodbye.

We’ve done it before. Ask the Kurds. But thats not terrorism. That’s realpolitik.

I can see where you are coming from but the Germans after WWII didn’t really have a lot of people that liked them.

I mean even if it was a “SHOW” trial would the Muslim nations object. Especially since (this could be wrong) aren’t Muslims supposed to be tried in an ISLAMIC court?

Considering that there is a rather farfetched fear that Kissinger might be indicted for the 1974 coup in Chile…(No, it’s NOT going to happen, but some people are actually spreading rumors that it will-no way.)

That is why I think that he should be tried at an International tribunal. “America is mean and against us” is a whole lot different than “the whole damn world is against us”. One will fuel more anger, the other will deflate morale.

I’ve felt all along that they need to capture him alive and put him on trial. I think you actually could find a jury in America for it- I mean, how many before this happened even knew who he was? When the embassy bombers were tried earlier in the year, the press coverage of the trial was almost non-existant. So I’m sure you could find people who didn’t even know anything happened. Ok, not a lot, but some…

And as for being tried in an Islamic court (or at least under terms of the Sharia (sp?)) I think I once saw something where in the Koran it says that a Muslim is bound by the laws of the land they are in, so if a Muslim commits a crime in a non-Muslim land, they can’t seriously expect any special treatment. But I could be wrong about this. Although I don’t recall anything like that being brought up at the embassy trial.