Obnoxious banner on SDMB -- anything to be done?

Last day or so, I’ve noticed a banner ad here on the board that’s been irritating me. The ad states “WE ARE HIRING! Anyone can apply!”. The font/style imply its Google. Instead, it leads to http://www.myguardiannews.com/home-business/online-careers-booming.php?src=NYG_DS

I’ve seen this site all over the web lately. Its a work-at-home scam. They want you to pay $10 to “get started”. Most obnoxiously, the site has a javascript that tries to keep you on the page (“Are you sure you want to LEAVE!?” kinda deal).

So, is there any way to <Fife>nip this in the bud</Fife>? Its not so much the work-at-home crap as the disingenuous of it (implied Google tie, plus the page itself mimics a news article). Dammit.

Ohhhh…a banner ad. I thought you were talking about a mod.

Kidding, mods…just kidding!

The ads are bought in bulk and we have no real control over that part of the process.

You are aware that subscribing members do not see ads, correct? That’s the easiest and best way to combat ads – you don’t see them at all. AND you support the survival of the Straight Dope site, which is a most wonderful thing.

Good point, and a question…I was actually a charter paid member (really!), and let my subscription lapse. I’d be happy to sign back up; is it possible to reenable an old account? I could probably find my original info, somewhere. I basically took a break from posting for a year or so, lost track of my account, then finally just created a new one. Uh, hope that doesn’t make me a sockpuppet (I’m not!).

Subscriptions can lapse but accounts never expire, so an admin should be able to merge your two account names. You could resubscribe now or wait for the merge to be completed and do it then.

Heh, all I’m getting here is a banner ad for the snackpit. At least it’s not flashing.

Please send me an email so we can discuss how to merge these two accounts together into one legal one.

Tubadiva at aol.com.

Sorry…they can’t do anything about…oh wait! Apparently, they can. At least when it comes to the snackpit. Or even Giraffe’s board.