OBP lower than BA. How?

Jordan Danks has a batting average of .348 but has an on base percentage of
.333. I must be confused about what OBP means. I can’t figure out how this could be. How could it be lower than his BA? Little help?

From Wiki.

Guessing, but sacrifice flies aren’t ABs for batting average, but do count against you for OBP.
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Ah, yes - that’s it. Thanks. Close 'er up.

Sacrifice bunts, however, do NOT count against you. If they did, Alfredo Griffin in 1984 would have an OBP lower than his BA, in over 400 PA (.239 vs. .241).

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If you look at his stats he is 8 hits for 23 AB for .348 and 24 PA for .333 OBP and one SF.