Obscure actress question from All That Jazz

I watched All That Jazz again tonight, and I commented to my wife that the actress who plays Joseph Gideon’s daughter Michelle was a pretty talented dancer. She is credited as “intoducing” Erzsebet Foldi. Since the movie is 25 years old, and she’s just a kid in it, I went to her IMDB profile to see if she had done any other work that I might be familiar with. I was suprised to see that ATJ is her only credit. It got me to wondering: Why would someone (presumably) take dance for years, land a co-starring role at 12 ( and I liked her in the role ) and then do nothng else? Does anyone know the story here? Eve?

All I found on Google was someone asking the same question at a dance message board.

Maybe she went the way of many Hollywood child stars. Drugs, prostitution, criminal trespass…

Maybe she’s working in a different capacity…stage, teaching…

Maybe she got hurt and can’t dance anymore.

I may be missing something here, but according to the publicity link in her IMDB profile, she was in Playboy in 1980, when she would have been 13 years old…

Based on the title “All That Fosse” it sounds like it was a pictorial about Bob Fosse and/or the making of “All That Jazz.” So no nudity.

Well, yea, I was wondering if anyone knew if one of these things happened to her.

I was just thinkin’ out loud.

Erzsebet Foldi
Doesn’t that sound like a made up name?