obscure clothing size question

I’m trying to buy a pair of pants off this website, but their sizing ranges from 00 to 07. These are men’s pants. I have never seen these sizes before. I want these pants to sit on my hips (I’m female) so I usually go with a US size 36. But I’m utterly confused. Any help?

ratty, not especially useful to you, I know, but here is an international conversion chart. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to have the size you’ve mentioned.

There is also this chart.

I have looked and looked but can’t find the size you’re referring to. What’s the URL of the place you’re trying to buy from? Have you tried emailing them to get an answer?


What size do you wear in women’s pants? Victoria’s Secret has a number of styles, and I wear the ones that sit just at the hip bone. Not way low like the younger girls. I absolutely love them. I wear a size 0 and sometimes a 2.

ratty why not e-mail the website and get an answer that way?