Obscure Joe Jackson Song

I tried this in GQ and got nowhere; perhaps Cafe Society will attrack enough other Dopers that I can get lucky; either way, it’s my last attempt:

IIRC, Joe Jackson did a cover of the old tune “Night Time” (also covered by J. Geils, George Thoroughgood and others). JJ did it for a Ridley Scott-directed Michelob ad (the old “the Night Belongs to Michelob” ads with the luxurious shots of mirrored buildings at night shot from a helicopter vantage point)

Anyone know where I could get a copy of JJ’s version? It really rocked, with his barrelhouse piano and barking vocals…

I usta love Joe Jackson in his early years, and saw him play a couple few times. I haven’t kept up with his recent work, but your post and the resulting search has made me want to look him up and give a listen again. Joe was always unique for melding the angry energy of British punk with a crooner styled arrangement.

What I did find in a little search was this Yahoo board, which appears to be pretty active. Perhaps they can answer your question.

Thanks for making me remember a fine musician!


Glad this isn’t GQ, so’s I can take a WAG at this…

I don’t recall Joe Jackson doing a cover of “Night Time” for a Michelob commercial. I do seem to recall a Mich ad with “Stepping Out” from the “Night and Day” album as the theme. Could you be thinking of that, or is this something completely separate?

Another artist covering “Night Time”, perhaps?

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