Obscure Song ID

Anyone remember the pioneering techno song “James Brown is Dead”? In the early '90s I heard an odd version of that song that I have been unable to find again. It kept the music, but ditched the rap portion and added sung lyrics such as:
(bear with me, this is from hazy memories)
“did you hear the news today, the things he did and said, did you hear the news today, (announcer voice) James Brown is Dead”
“when James Brown hit the ground, Rock and roll died with a mighty sound”


Okay, I just went to Google and it looks like that song got re-done a LOT. L.A. Style, the originals, seem to have done versions both with and without rap. It’s also been done by H.A.Z.A.R.D. , whoever they are! Hop on over to Google and see if anything looks familliar. I just wrote in “James Brown Is Dead” and punched enter.