obscure Western movie title?

Can anyone help me with a Western movie title that I only vaguely can remember?
It went something like: ‘Go tell them Billy Joe …’ It may have starred that guy from Barretta who murdered his wife in real life - I’m pretty sure the original was black and white.
I remember really enjoying it and want to see it again.

Is it Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here?

Tell Them Willie Is Here?


A minute late and a word short!

That’s it - thank you - you are brilliant!

Robert Blake made a handful of great movies.

I can highly recommend the under-seen Electra Glide In Blue.

It ranks right up there with Tell Them Willie Is Here? for really, really good movies that you have to think about while you watch them.


Not really all that good a movie. It’s main feature of note was the return to directing for Abraham Polonsky, one of the Hollywood Ten. But whereas Polonsky’s first film – **Force of Evil ** – was a minor classic, **Willie Boy ** was tugid and overpreachy.

And, of course, the best film that Robert Blake ever made was clearly The Treasure of Sierra Madre