Observations of the 3rd Democratic Debate

Why not dump the whole Bill of Rights? :rolleyes:

Other people may have different concepts of “sport”. Or maybe their aim just sucks.

it feels like the media and politicians are still trying to deliberately sow confusion over the difference between auto/full auto and SEMIauto operation, as it plays into their “gotta’ ban 'em all!” mindset…

points of clarification;

Full Auto/Auto - there are two different types of automatic fire, Auto, which means the gun will continually fire as long as the trigger is held back, until either the trigger is released, or the magazine is emptied, and Burst, which fires three rounds for each pull of the trigger, one pull= three rounds fired

Semi-Auto; ONE round is fired for each pull of the trigger, pull the trigger back and hold it, you get one round fired, pull the trigger and release, one round, to fire another round the trigger must be released and pulled again.

the ONLY “automatic” operation that takes place in a semi-auto is the fired case is ejected and another live round is chambered, that’s it, it just Automatically Re-Loads, the more accurate term should be Autoloader.

the only difference between an autoloader and a bolt action, pump, or lever action is that the act of ejecting and chambering a new round is done manually in these guns, the operator must work the action to ready the next round.

“Full Auto” firearms are already essentially “banned” for the average law abiding citizen, as they would need to acquire a Class 3 license, be background checked and fingerprinted by the FBI, *AND pay an additional $200 for a federal “Tax Stamp” for each automatic firearm purchased, the average time for this to happen is six months to a year on average and is rather expensive as well, the firearms in question are also generally prohibitively expensive, ranging from $3000-$15,000 or more

Not to mention that full auto firearms are no more accurate than their non-semiautomatic cousins (actually most are less accurate) and have really no real world usage anyway, they are however, extremely fun range toys when used in a safe, supervised environment such as a gun range.

the semi-auto rifles like the AR-15/M4 clones are no more a “weapon of war” than the typical passenger car is a NASCAR/LeMans/Formula 1/IndyCar race car, the AR series rifles just happen to look scarier than their wood-and-steel cousins

There is no real functional difference between an AR pattern rifle, and a Ruger Mini-14 (wood and steel rifle that fires the same cartridge as the AR) one looks like a “scary” Evil Black Rifle, one looks like Grandpa’s old farm rifle.

Hardly. You know that a bolt action or lever action fires almost as fast as a semi-auto? The advantage of a semi-auto is reduced recoil.

The ignorance about guns by those who wish to ban them is amazing.

Most Olympic shooting is done with semi-autos. Are Olympic sports a 'sport"?
The ignorance about guns by those who wish to ban them is amazing.

…and I thought we were all about “Fighting Ignorance”, it says so right in the header…

A few videos showing how the semi-auto operates, Ruger 10/22 rifle, CZ-75 9mm, Glock 17 9mm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5m2f8htMIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AWpiIvWpxU

The subject is hunting. Or, perhaps for some, meat-spraying. Or, more probably, missing.

Thread title: Observations of the 3rd Democratic Debate
Thread topic: 95% of the posts are about Guns!

Jesus wept.

Blame Beto, he started it :wink:

2A infringements aside, the debate was rather tame, Bernie and Biden seemed amusingly befuddled, I didn’t find any of them particularly compelling or offensive (aside from Beto’s delusional rant), but I also dislike trump, I find no compelling candidates at this point.

That was the only news from this debate. Of course it’s going to be the main topic.

One of the most popular deer rifles is made by Browning and is a semi-auto. It’s plenty accurate. It also only has a limited magazine and doesnt look scary.

Darn right. We need to go back to bows and arrows for hunting. No crossbows or them newfangled compound bows either. Longbows forever!:dubious:

Because the 2d Am. was included for anachronistic reasons, i.e., to facilitate a militia-based national defense system. It has no value, any more. The rest of the BoR still has value.

The Supreme Court disagrees.

Oddly, I think their opinion is worth more than yours.

Paging Robert W. Chambers!

Not with Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas and Roberts on it, it ain’t.

Ah, respected seniors jurists legal opinions aren’t any good since they disagree with a laymans.:rolleyes:

Kavanaugh doesn’t qualify as a “respected senior jurist.” Roberts, maybe. Alito and Thomas, extremely iffy.

What you are saying seems to be Beltway conventional wisdom. But it is wrong.