Observations of the 3rd Democratic Debate

My first impression: Yang is buying votes? Raffling off votes?

Surprised to see no thread for this, so I’m starting one.

Good debate so far, but Castro really came across as mean and nasty. I felt that way when he attacked Beto, but I thought maybe I was just biased.

Yeah, I’m glad Julian got some boos and pushback from other candidates after that ageist attack on Biden. Screw him, the petty asshole.

I feel like Harris works a little too hard to come up with clever lines for these things, and then laughs a little too hard and feels a little too smug after delivering them.

I think Beto is a better candidate than he comes across in these debates. I kinda wish he was doing better in the polls.

Warren needs to stop dancing around the question of whether middle class taxes will go up with her healthcare plan. She never gives a direct answer, even though she’s been asked this repeatedly. She needs to find a clearer answer and own it.

I still like Booker’s intensity, but I think he turns things back to race too often.

Biden has some fire in his belly tonight, I’ll give him that. Plus no blood in his eye so far. I don’t think he’s done himself any harm so far.

Just some quick thoughts from my phone.

Man, Kamala is bugging me. I’m watching on a delay so maybe she’ll improve, but that laugh at Joe was awful. She’s trying way too hard to have another moment. She’s coming across as very insincere to me.

Beto is having a good night so far. Warren isn’t getting much time.

O’Rourke: “Hell yes we’re going to take them,” when asked if he supported confiscation of AR-15/AK-47 type rifles. :dubious:

My 19yo ultralefty son inhabits some strange political universe I don’t comprehend. He texted me:


I think Beto comes across great in the debate: a new RFK with a more appealing accent.

I’m wondering about other candidates building up Beto, seems kind of counter-intuitive. Now, I know that when you tear down another candidate in a field this large it doesn’t necessarily benefit you. Maybe folks are boosting Beto in hopes that it will cost other candidates support. I don’t know.

Yeah, really. I think the public is capable of understanding that under such a scheme, taxes may go up while overall costs (such as premiums, co-pays yada yada) in aggregate go down.

What the heck is up with Bernie’s voice, by the way? Got quite the frog in his throat.

On a final note, I’m beginning to think that there is an inverse relationship between the clarity of one’s debate points and the number of times they say “Let me be clear on this…”

I don’t understand how anyone could think that a guy who just outright claimed that he was in favor of involuntary confiscation of any type of firearm that was legally purchased and owned - not a buyback but an outright confiscation, presumably backed up by door-kicking - could have political legs in a general election. That’s the GOP’s wet dream, to run against someone who says things like that.

Biden just said “my deceased wife is a teacher”, a few seconds before urging people to “keep the record player playing for their kids”. :smack:

Yeah that was pretty incoherent.

Biden looked high or something. Dang, I want Bernie just for the laughs. He looks like a mad scientist.

I love 'em all. Every one of them has 100 times more brain power, class, experience and qualifications than the current occupant of the Oval.

I’ve been especially impressed tonight with Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Booker. None of them will get the nomination, but I’m comforted to know they are in our boat and rowing in the same direction.

I missed quite a bit of it, but have been listening on the radio for about 45 minutes and my useless hot takes are:

[li]Mayor Pete is calm, cool, clear and collected.[/li][li]Yang is so far out of his depth I’m surprised he doesn’t have the bends.[/li][li]Warren is passionate but clear, concise and on point.[/li][li]Biden is defensive and rambling.[/li][li]Haven’t heard much from Booker, but I liked what I heard. [/li][li]Bernie was drilled by his staff to constantly highlight how much he disagrees with Biden about everything and it’s transparent and ham-fisted.[/li][/ul]

LMFAO. “Senator Biden, we’ll start the clock again.” [screams of protestors continue for another 10 seconds.] What were they saying, exactly?

Biden is rambling incoherently. I have no fucking idea what he just attempted to say.

Something ain’t right about Biden.

The question was also an easy pitch for him with his family tragedies. Not good at all.

These candidates are awful. They make me sorely miss Inslee, Bullock, Gabbard, even the Z-list guys like Delaney and Bennet. It’s actually amazing to me how much WORSE this debate has seemed without the bush-league candidates who didn’t make the cut, rather than better. I do not have faith that any of these people can beat Donald Trump. I like Castro, Booker, and Buttigieg but I know goddamn well that none of them are going to get the nomination.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

I really think that any one of these candidates will beat trump…or not. I don’t think that any of them will do that much better (or worse) than any other of them would.