2nd Democratic Debate 11/14/15

Did you guys even know this was happening tomorrow?

Not sure how interesting it will be, but Sanders is ready to talk about the damn emails now.

I did. I’m even planning to watch this one (I missed both the first debate, as well as the ‘candidate forum’, or whatever that non-debate was called.)

I think this should be a good discussion. Having only three participants should allow each candidate sufficient time to make their cases to Democratic voters, and both Sanders and O’Malley know they aren’t going to win, so their focus is going to be more on pushing their issues building up their own resumes for VP (respectively), so I doubt you’ll see a lot of negativity.

I thought Sanders was eyeing a cushy ambassadorship. Almost hard to imagine him being offered or accepting a VP role.

I agree that Sanders won’t get the VP nod, and believe he knows this too. My point is that O’Malley seems to be angling for something in the future Clinton administration, whereas Sanders seems to be trying to push the Democrats leftward a bit.

Sanders will not get the VP nomination. He shouldn’t, either. On a Hillary ticket he adds nothing, hailing from one of the bluest states in the Union while being older than Hillary. That might be fine if Hillary was a Barack Obama who needs someone seen as an experienced “elder” figure. Hillary IS the experienced elder figure.

Sanders seems like the absolute LAST person to want a “cushy"ambassadorship”. I imagine if he loses he just returns to the Senate and keeps fighting the good fight.

I wonder if he’d even want to try it again in 2018 - he’d be 76, 82 at the end of the term, maybe it’s time to play with the grandkids? He may be thinking of this campaign as his career-capper.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all. The man could have retired long ago. At 70-something, age is really starting to be a factor

Ambassadorship? If he can’t be POTUS, I should think he would rather remain in the Senate. More than anything, what he wants is to influence domestic policy, which an ambassador cannot.

There’s no reason why Sanders can’t stay in the Senate as long as Strom Thurmond did, if he keeps his health and wits.

He might be offered an Ambassadorship to Outer Mongolia!

Well recent world events will play out on this stage tonight. I suspect that different foreign policy approaches will be compared and contrasted.

Any predictions of how each of them will present their perspectives?

I don’t know, but I’ve been wondering about Bernie’s foreign policy beliefs for a while now. Some direct questioning should be enlightening, given his rep as a straight shooter.

And if Rubio wins, Trump might become ambassador to Northern Glowing Crater.

That is, unless Trump tries to build a wall around the White House.

I’m less hopeful that there will be much substantive. Highly emotionally charged issues are a political minefield.

Hillary has no reason to take a risky position given her large lead. She’ll play to her SECSTATE experience and talk about working with allies to see how best to proceed. It will be mature, pragmatic, and reasonable. It won’t however offer much meat.

Sanders will mildly play the Bush card by referencing the US role in getting to this point. he might work in some shots on Hillary in the process. He’ll mostly look back instead of forward. He’ll continue to walk a fine line about offering support to regional partners while emphasizing not directly engaging. He won’t offer much meat about what types of support he’d increase, if any, (since some of it’s dangerous to US troops) aside from logistics and maybe increased air power.

Nobody will remember what O’Malley says come Monday as long as he doesn’t say something incredibly stupid (nuke Raqqah, joke about the French surrendering, etc.) The sad part is he has the capability to bring the most meat to the discussion. I hope he does. He’s got the best chance to actually prompt a real comparison.

O’Malley’s got more than one heart! Ah, the Irish… :smiley:

The Irish are mutants?! :eek:

I knew it!

Now the ISIS questions are going all over the place, but they’re all bringing out different points. I actually like what O’Malley is saying. I haven’t paid much attention to him. I like what Hillary’s saying about the last couple decades, and Bernie is still fantastic, but worries me. I believe HE believes we’re ready and capable to stop ISIS, but it isn’t going to be easy to combine all these nations into a single kind of attack.

I’m voting for the Clintons, and was happy to see Hillary at least use the term “jihadism” and “Islamists” that Obama won’t even use. But quit giving the GOP a talking point: call it “Islamic Terrorism” already.

What was that? “Immigration bashing loudmouth carnival freak Donald Trump”??? HAHAHAHA!