Town Hall Dem Debate 3/13

Is anybody else watching this? So much more refreshing than the Trumpy Wumpy threads, I assure you. :smiley:

Hillary seems much more topic flipping than Bernie. Both of these people are fantastic speakers, but tonight Bernie seems smoother. Hills is somewhat self aggrandizing (as many of y’all would agree) but sometimes more realistic. The recent question from a civil rights activist about gun control and gang violence in poverty areas sent Hillary around too many issues.

Anybody else’s thoughts?

I think they both came off pretty well, and that’s partly due to the nature of the ‘town hall’ format compared to a debate.

I lean toward being pro-Hillary for the nomination, but one of the things I don’t know that she answered adequately was regarding the soaring costs of health insurance premiums. “Shop around on the website some more” isn’t all that helpful. I question Bernie’s ability to get what he wants done with regard to a single payer system, though.