Howdy! I am currently enrolled in an English Composition class, and I have an assignment to write an essay on a limited observation. It has to be something that I can observe for several days. It can be a person(s), place, thing, etc.

I really want to have fun with this, as opposed to churning out another pointless assignment, but my coffers of ideas has run dry…any ideas anyone?

Bowling alley, baby. One of the most interesting people watching places on the planet.

The dead body you found in the woods last week.

I’m available for a small fee.

You’ll have to find your own financing though.

Do you work/attend school in a building that requires that smokers congregate outside? There’s a social milieu that is in fact happening, but AFAICT remains undocumented,

I’d think the personal interactions would be the greater focus, but should that fail, what bozos like me have learned about bird behavior might ding ya’ up a decent essay.

see if you can gain access to observe “criminal suspect” interrogations at a police precinct. I’ll bet that would be real interesting! Would like to see what REALLY goes on and what is said.

Observe your class, especially if they get free time.

Or if you eat at a cafeteria or public place where most people know each other, observe your surroundings.

Start a MPSIMS thread and observe the responses.

It’s always fun to observe the hookers walking the streets. But I think that depends on where you live. If there are loud crowds of people and street performers that would let you blend in then you could do it.

You could be a nutjob like me and observe the class/teacher interaction.

Courtroom stuff is really interesting, and usually no problem getting a seat.

A kindergarten class would be a riot, as long as you get permission – just so’s you don’t freak anyone out.

A busy medical center.

Skid row.

The airport.

A nudie bar.

A coffee shop.

You wanna watch my kids for a few days? :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt

It’s pretty amazing to watch how fast boogers and gum accumulate under every chair in Algebra.

Wow, lots of ideas here… I was talking to my instructor, and he wants me to observe an area, and then make a connection to something that is not to be found in that observation, and then write upon that…its really a weird assignment, but it ought to be fun. I won’t be writing it for a few days, but when i get the completed version, I will post it if you guys want to see what my feeble mind has concoted.