Obtuse is NOT obscure.

In fact it’s not even what you really mean which is abstruse.

You are obtuse. Buddhism is not.
You are obtuse. Sam Delaney is not.
You are obtuse. Quantum physics is not.

God help me - God help us all - I’ve just read three unrelated book reviews on amazon in the space of fifteen minutes which describe difficult books/concepts as “obtuse.”

I’m calling it. Definitions are obsolete (or absolute? absolved? solvent?). Anwyay I’m burning my dictionary because it’s not helping me translate what the native speakers are spewing forth.

A concept certainly can be obtuse. At least, a proposed concept can be. Do you have the words in context?

Don’t be obtuse when you are really being obscure!

details, we want details–or at least examples.


Please don’t obfuscate, it makes me feel obtuse, even obtunded. Only you can obviate the obscurity of your objection.

OK, we don’t need three separate threads about word misuse in the Pit. I recommend adding these complaints to this thread or this one.