Obvious things about a creative work you realize after the millionth time (OPEN SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

…I’m sorry… WHAT?

It was just today I learned that Tom Kenny, the actor who voices the Ice King on Adventure Time, also voices Spongebob Squarepants.

Ugh. Wampum. That sort of thing.

Also Plastic Man in the Justice League Action cartoon.

He was also a cast member on the sketch comedy Mr. Show. Here he is as a Satanic televangelist. He’s the one in the big white wig.

“Ugh” and “Wampum” were exactly the two words I was about to post. Great minds think alike.

I was watching the latest season of Final Space and trying to figure out why one of the character voices sounded so familiar. Finally realized that it was Kenny doing a voice that was Ice King-adjacent.

I’ve watched most episodes of TBBT several times, and I finally realized that Zack is not really stupid, he’s just ignorant. Most of the time when he asks someone a question, it would be an intelligent question from the framework of someone who only knows what he sees on TV or movies. “Are you gonna blow up the moon?” He’s seen lasers in movies and that’s all he knows, and from that framework, it’s not a stupid question. (This is aside from the fact that he sold his – presumably now dead – father’s company for a lot of money, married an appropriate woman, and is living large on a big boat.)

So, I’m re-reading the Kinsey Millhone mysteries for the zillionth time, and I’m up to “N is for Noose”, which takes place, in the main, in a town called Nota Lake. One of the residence tells her that “Nota”, in the name of the town, means a brand that marks a criminal. During the course of the book, Kinsey is attacked in her hotel room by the villain of the book, and she defends herself by turning on the iron in her hotel room and touching it to the attacker’s skin, which leaves a mark, something she later uses to identify the villain.

Until now, I didn’t realize that the villain was being branded, as per the name of the town.

Also, the name of the villain is Brant, which I suppose was intentionally meant to sound like “brand”

Sounds like the set up for an Abbott and Costello skit.
“If it’s Nota town, then what is it?”

Never even thought that way…assumed it was pronounced with a long “o”.

It is a town. It’s just Nota Lake.

I can’t claim to have figured this out; I just read it.

The song “Chop Suey” by System of a Down has nothing to do with Chinese food. But it does mention suicide.

The band didn’t want to title the song “Suicide” so they chopped the word suicide in half and titled it “Chop Suey”.

Well, Serj did eat some in the video. Very sarcastically.

When I was 17 I had a bedroom which was painted all black, had no windows, and only had a person-sized one of these painted on the wall (without the letters).

It was the greatest room ever. I slept like a fucking rock.

And today? 45 years after the album’s release?

I just realized… five minutes ago… it’s a damned guitar.


I mean, it’s not like it’s hidden or anything… I just never looked behind the flames. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

So, yes, ladies, you are absolutely correct: men look, but rarely see.

:joy: Thanks, that’s a classic.

In my defense it has four strings in front, but 6 tuning knobs on the handle. I wuz confused!

Not my first time…

Well, I must be blind, because I’m not seeing it…