Occasional hypoglycemia

I’m not asking for medical advice but I’m wondering why, very occasonally, if I haven’t eaten, I’ll get shakey. It doesn’t happen often and I’m healthy (not overweight, I exercise a bunch, and my blood work is good), so what can make the body occasionally not handle not eating well?

For example, yesterday I was very busy and only wound up consuming at most maybe four or five hundred calories before I got home at 7pm. I wasn’t starving so decided to do a quick vaccuum. Midway through, I realized I was sweating but just thought I was hot. Then my hands started shaking and I finally realized I hadn’t eaten much. Today I still feel kinda shakey.

But usually, I’ll just hungry and eat. Why was yesterday diifferent? Unusual occurances:
I’d been out in 100 degree heat for a couple of hours. Can heat exposure contribute?
Because of the heat, I got a large slushie with sugar. I almost never drink sugared drinks. Can a large intake of sugar mess up insulin levels to create a low blood sugar situation?
Do female hormones affect blood sugar levels?

I’ve tried googling these questions but I haven’t found much.

There are different types of sugars. Some you burn through quickly while others take longer. The slushie gave you a sugar high and then a crash. Next time, try eating some fruit or drinking juice and always avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup.

Yeah, I was thinking that was probably what it was. I’d read a lot of anecdotal recountings for sugar crashed but I hadn’t been able to find anything “official”. Do you know if there are any studies or info out there on large intakes of sugar creating a low blood sugar reaction? It was an awfully unpleasant experience.

When was the last time you had a complete physical exam? I *strongly *suggest you see your doctor and tell him/her what you just told us.

Here is a good page on hypoglycemia.

This explains why a sugar crash happens. Basically, because the “bad” sugar is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, your insulin levels go crazy and the crash results.

This is a page on diabetes but it says there is a connection between female hormone levels and blood sugar. I’ve never noticed one myself.

I had one almost exactly a year ago. I can’t remember if blood sugar was tested but I was excellent with cholesterol, etc. Although I am also really anemic.

Like I said, this is real occasional thing for me. Usually, I’d just be hungry and not eating isn’t a big deal. It’s just every so often I’ll get shakey (and doesn’t everybody someitmes? A lot of my female friends say it happens to them.) and I’d like to find out why so I can avoid it in the future.

Thanks for the links, Kimera. I do really like the dietitian site, I should’ve thought to look there.

On edit, I just looked up the Sonic Lime Slushie nutrition info and the large has 117g of sugar. So that was probably too much.

I’m a diabetic and a lady* and, for me at least, the impact that my female hormones have on my diabetes isn’t all that bad. It was worse when I was a teenager, which helped increase all that lovely premenstrual irritability. (“I’m so angry! I want a brownie, but I can’t. Now I’m angrier! I’m going to write bad poetry and cry.”) I probably wouldn’t even notice it if I didn’t check my blood sugar every day, and it’s rarely enough to give me ketones or anything like that. I doubt a healthy non-diabetic woman would notice the effect, and it would be strange if it resulted in hypoglycemia, rather than hyperglycemia. It may also be that women with diabetes already have a tendency to be resistant to insulin, so the effect is exaggerated in them.

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