Occupational infection statistics for prior SARS outbreaks?

This is coronavirus-adjacent, so if it needs to be moved that’s okay.

I’m looking for statistics showing how coronavirus is affecting people by job category/industry (as in, “doctors (or whoever) are 12% more likely to be infected than the general public.”) However, I can’t find those numbers, except for very small sample sizes in places like Singapore. I’m assuming they don’t exist yet.

Does anyone know where I can find similar numbers for prior SARS epidemics or pandemics? Note that I need hard statistics on infection rates, not predictions.


KarlGauss might know.

If I am understanding you correctly, this article may be of some interest (with ref#12 our Toronto health workers study).

That works! I’m looking for something a bit broader (i.e. covering more industries) but I’ll take what I can get.