October surprise 2008

And the New York Times! :eek:

It’s reassuring, a bit, that nobody in this thread has yet suggested the October Surprise might be an attack on Iran.

Indeed. Though I think that would be such a massive political blunder to even consider attacking Iran that there’s little chance of anyone offering it up as the ‘October surprise’.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned, baseless terror alerts?

Orange, anyone?

MY GOD! Obama has a black baby?

‘Ernie Alerts’, as I like to call them. (Of course the Yellow Alert would be a Bert Alert.)

Not only that, but he’s in a relationship with a black woman.

He previously had a long-standing relationship with two white women, one of them rather old.

I hear his father died in car accident. Does anybody know exactly where Obama was at the time?

“To the vector go the spoils.”
-Norton Juster, The Dot and the Line

I’ve never seen that reported anywhere, and he certainly didn’t recount one in his book. The truth is he was never a heavy drug user - not that you need to be to get arrested.

What was the October Surprise in '04?

I think it’s gotten to the point where every major news event that happens in October of an election year gets described as an October Surprise, even if that’s not really what the term was intended to mean.

:eek: Say it isn’t so!

AND he has a black baby? Ye gods, whatever shall we do?

[Chicken Little] the sky is falling! the sky is falling![/CL]

Exactly. It’s unlikely that there will be any October Surprise, in the sense that term is supposed to be meant.

If McCain had really been able to negotiate a successful resolution to the bailout issue, I suppose you could with some legitimacy call it an October Surprise, although it was supposed to be a leadership moment and not a real surprise. You can tell the campaign suspension was supposed to be a big gamble that paid off dramatically, but it ended up being a wet firecracker.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about a guy who wants to wave the “white flag of surrender” in Iraq, knowing full well that as soon as America gives up, Al Queda will rise up and overwhelm the other 98.5% of Iraq by sheer malice.

(You know, I’m beginning to think the war is over. Nobody seems to much care. She can say this sort of venemous shit, and hardly anyone notices. Its almost like the war is history, a done deal, yesterday’s news. Only the McCaininites seem to believe its still a going concern, rather than a pile of bones bleaching in the Godforsaken Desert.

McCain says we will win, and Iraq will be a majority ruled democracy with warm affection for and strategic agreements with America. They’ve handed us our hat, shown us the door, and he thinks they’re going to ask us to move in.)

Again, not from the incumbent, but here’s an October Surprise for you:
McCain’s Terrorist Connections:eek:

Ah, G. Gordon! Let’s see Obama’s allies run THAT commercial.

Liddy’s practically a beloved pop-culture figure now.

I understand that one of the Obamas’ neighbor’s dogs just gave birth to a black puppy.