Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

Thanks for the confirmation, I guess.

Being dumb and dishonest is a hard combo. I feel for you.

Heck, he might become president!

Rich, coming from the guy calling protesters violent, while using a video of someone driving through a crowd of protesters as “proof”.

You make it look easy. Must be all those years of experience.

The exact words were “shooting at random jeeps”, ergo the git was not aware that the Jeep driver caused protesters to scramble out of the way thus clearly was not “actually watching events as they are being recorded” and linked the first bit of far-right propaganda which supports the “random jeep” narrative.

It appears that the banning of Clothahump and Shodan, have left a vacuum in the area of snide contentless one liner s and Republican talking points given without an iota of evidence, and the board’s octopod has oozed in to fill the gap. With luck he will meet a similar fate.

Since I don’t use insults an admin has explicitly condoned in ATMB or use the “H’ word I should be safe.

Yep peaceful protester just peacefully firing a gun of peace. Bullet of peace struck other peaceful protester who bled peacefully. Hope they didn’t call the police. That would be fascist.

Asterisks mine for clarity:


**Trump’s CREEP

I see no reason we should not be in complete agreement that guns have no place as part of peaceful protests. We should not see them inside or outside a Michigan State Legislative building and we should not see them on the streets of civil protest marches. The fact that some relatively small number of protesters chose to carry guns does not immediately disqualify the overwhelming majority of peaceful protesters and objectors to the use of brutal force by authorities.

So now defending yourself is bad. Can you pick a position and stick to it, you queef?

Shooting at someone, and missing the target but hitting a fellow protester of peace while that someone is legally driving down something called a road isn’t self defense, oh retarded one. Do you honestly think that if you are standing in the middle of the road with a pack of vermin that you have the right to shoot at anyone legally travelling down that road? You really believe that? I don’t think you do. I think you have no integrity, no sense of morality, and are a nut. I’m sure your mom loves you though.

So, what do you plan to title the book detailing your struggle? Some variation of My Struggle?

Shouldnt you be out smashing windows or knifing MAGA hat wearers?

Umm, Nights of Broken Glass are your people’s thing, traditionally celebrated on November 9-10.

Projection? Your far left radicals are the ones who are engaged in all this ridiculous, politically motivated violence. How dumb do you have to be to pretend that what is happening isn’t happening.

Right, as we’ve all learned, far right radicals can’t engage in politically motivated violence by definition.
And, of course, when they do then they were never on the right in the first place.

You’re the one who sees mostly peaceful protesters and freaks out at the violence, and then uses that to justify completely overriding the US. Constitution and the values that Americans hold. You want to remove freedom of speech and assembly for people who upset you.

Soldiers who chose to uphold the constitution are now there to try and protect Portlanders from their own government. A restraining order is now in effect to stop the feds from what they’re doing.

You used to believe in the First Amendment. You used to go on and on about how people should be able to disagree. But now that the right wing propaganda machine can show a few assholes who are violent, you’ve completely changed to supporting government suppression of speech and assembly.

You ignore that all of the actual experts say that this is not only the wrong way to deescalate the situation, but actually makes it more and more likely it’ll develop into a full on insurgency.

And, of course, you continue to not think that Black Lives Matter or that the police should be required to use the least amount of violence possible. That alone goes against our American values.

You used to be a reasonable person. We would talk about issues, like the basic minimum income. You would have actual counterarguments to liberal ideas. But that’s not been you for a long time.

You’ve become radicalized. You only post emotional screeds where you respond exactly how Trump and his propaganda want you to. Even while Republicans are repudiating all the anti-American actions of the President, you’re becoming more and more a true believer.

And, yes, I want you to tell me I’m wrong–with evidence. That the original @octopus is still in there somewhere, and that you aren’t just a completely lost cause. That, somewhere in there, you still believe in due process, innocence until proven guilty, freedoms of speech, assembly, thought, etc.

But, as is, you just act like a robot for the anti-American elements.

And I sure as hell hope that there aren’t enough who think like you that we do actually have a full on civil war. Escalation is never the answer.

That’s funny. I have no problem with speech and you know that. What I have a problem with, unlike you nutty communists, is burning stuff down, destroying businesses, shooting people, stabbing people, kneeling on toddlers, vandalism, looting, and all the other political violence your side is doing.

I think the actions, not the words, of the far left are exceedingly counterproductive. Now, do I have issues with some of what you folks and your ideological allies have to say? Of course, but I wouldn’t call for you to be fired, assaulted, stabbed, shot at, evicted, or expelled for what you say or your beliefs because unlike the nuts here I actually believe in fundamental liberties. But burning down a business is not free speech. Stabbing someone is not free speech. Blinding folks with lasers is not free speech. Looting is not free speech.

And what’s this with black lives matter? Do I think the organization is a Marxist ploy? Yes. There is no secret about the organization. Do I think the concept is flawed? No. You can’t find one quote of mine where I say that any particular group of people based on skin color, sex/gender/???, ethnicity is less deserving of life than another. Find me that post.

And here’s the thing BigT, if this were the far right burning buildings, destroying things, terrorizing businesses, occupying the middle of a city and promoting a lawless environment where folks were being coerced into providing unplanned donations and unplanned orgasms I’d have a problem with that.

But we are not seeing the far right do such things are we? These are Democrats and regressives in regressive run cities. Let me ask you this BigT is it safer to wear a shirt with the hammer and sickle on it or an image of a far left genocidal maniac in rural or suburban America or a wear a Trump hat in a Dem run city?