Odd digestive/scatological question-- way TMI

Frank discussion about digestive/excretory tract: warning.

Ok, so I have this, um, friend, who has a bit of stomach trouble with some foods and occasionally has momentary and inconvenient bouts of diarrhea. An odd thing my, um, friend has noticed is that as she desperately controls it (out in public long enough to find a appropriate location to find relief) aside from the bowel pain and such that one expects that there is occasionally a very odd not-digestive feeling–something about ‘holding It in’ when It really doesn’t want to stay in seems to trigger something very close to an orgasm (which, while terribly interesting, causes a fear that she will lose control of her bowels at this very inappropriate moment in a parking lot or something). Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone think of a reasonable explanation? Some sort of internal pressure on sensitive bits (girls don’t have prostates do they?)?

The only thing I could think of is she might be doing something similar to Kegel exercises, but I never really heard of that triggering near-orgasm experiences.

Either that, or I’m doing something wrong.

Bring on the milk! :smiley: