Odd feeling in my left eye

Yesterday I noticed a peculiar feeling in my left eye. Its kind of in between discomfort and pain, sort of like a slight bruise.

Trouble is I have no idea whats wrong. At first I thought I somehow bruised my eyelid since the discomfort happened when I blinked. But when I checked in the mirror, my eyelid was fine. I tested to see if it felt funny if I didn’t blink for a bit. No wierd feeling as long as I didn’t blink.

This leads me to worry that I did something to my cornea :eek: I haven’t gotten anything in my eye that I’m aware of, and don’t have allergies. Any ideas?

Scratched it, maybe? It seems to me that a scratch would probably hurt only when something’s touching it, like how a bruise doesn’t hurt until you press on it.

Yeah, but the cornea is a pretty freaky part of the human body. I mean you’ve got this tissue that’s more or less transparent, and yet has nerves, readily available oxygen supply, and constant exposure to the environment. Plus, the fact that the cornea is constantly being rubbed by another wierd little flap of flesh without showing signs of obvious wear (well, maybe my left eye is an exception :mad: )

Sounds too me like a slight eye infection, you should speak to your Doc maybe or have a word with your chemist. Doctors kinda treat these as emergencies and see you asap. IMO a bad infection is he worst pain I have ever had, it’s like someone is squeezing your eyeball and sticking needles into it at the same time. When I get lesser infections it does feel like a bruise and When I look in the mirror I expect to see a black eye-ball but as you say it looks normal.

Could be the beginnings of pink eye. Which really sucks. And can be dangerous if left untreated.

I had a strange feeling in my left eye once. It was a fish hook tearing my eyelid off and pummeling my eyeball. This also sucks.

Take the spoon out of your cup before drinking the coffee?

Well, Incubus, judging from the picture in your post your pupils do look a little small. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

But frankly I think you should be more concerned that your skin is blue.


Sinus problems can also make it ache above your eyeballs, sort of in the socket under the eyebrow. Sinus also makes teeth ache, so it may be that you have a cold or virus coming on. But please see your doctor to make sure.

could be a corneal ulcer

I wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses all day (14+ hours) and often get this kind of feeling.

My eyelid gets bruised from working over the lens too much, or sometimes my eyes get dry and tired which makes my lid work harder.

Feels exactly like a bruised eye lid, only there is nothing to see.

Goes away after a good night’s sleep.

Also, I get red eyes (bloodshot) on occasion, especially in the corners, because of blocked sinuses.

Again, rest is my cure.

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Ditto the corneal ulcer thing - that can feel achey and swollen. And NEEDS - urgently - to be checked out.

Most likely a blockage in an oil gland. Commonly called a stye. I’m dealing with one at the moment.