Odd Goings on on my Compter

I run W10 on my desktop computer and recently installed a new disk drive (Seagate Hybrid).

Everything is up and running now, but every now and then, with no trigger that I can detect, I see a DOS box flash up on my screen with some script running. It comes and goes much too fast for me to register what it is and I cannot see anything odd listed as ‘running’.

Does anyone have any idea what it might be, or suggestions as to what I can do to find out please.


It’s still happening - no one got any ideas?

I have a similar problem after having my hard drive replaced. I feel like I have a ghost in my computer. Also the sleep mode is hard to wake up now and every few days I have to reboot because it looses the clock and settings.

Definitely something weird going on.

Note the exact time it flashes.

Right-click or tap and hold the Start icon. Choose Event Viewer.
The Event Viewer appears.

On the left, choose Event Viewer, Custom Views, Administrative Events.
It may take a while, but eventually you see a list of notable events like the one shown.

Don’t freak out. Even the best-kept system boasts reams of scary-looking error messages — hundreds, if not thousands of them. That’s normal.

Look for events right before and at the time of the box flashes.

If needed, go back to Custom Views and open the other Event logs (one at a time).

Malwarebytes found an adware program called yontoo, which apparently will display advertisements that appear to be from the website that you are visiting, even though they are usually delivered from entirely different ad networks.

I wait with bated breath

Thanks Hypgnosis, If it comes back - I will do that.