Odd PC Behavior: Caused By Router?

I have a PC and a router. Occasionally, the PC monitor goes black, but it will correct itself if you wait a little while. Recently, I was using my laptop in the same room as my desktop. The desptop went black, and shortly thereafter, my laptop was acting as-if it lost the wireless connection. Since the laptop’s status indicated that I was actually still connected, I clicked on “fix” or “repair” connection. Once the “fix” was performed, both laptop and the desktop were back to normal. Do you think the two are related, or is this just a coincidence?

My only other theory on why the desktop PC goes black might be competiting screen savers? My wife downloaded an M&M screen saver, but I wonder if a standard (MS) screen saver could be trying to engage at the same time. One would think a simple tap on the keyboard or mouse would clear this right up if the theory is correct. But, it does not. Still, I seem to recall in our history (from PCs of past) having a similar issue with a the MS Windows screen saver not knowing a custom screen saver was installed (and selected as our preference).

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Doubtful. Networking and monitors arent related and Im guessing your wireless issue is just one of life’s funny coincidences.

Id swap out the monitor and see if it helps. Could also be the video card or power supply. You can go into Control Panel > Display and see what screensaver is set. You can only have one.

My monitor kept going into powersaver mode every few minutes last weekend, and an article I found suggested something could could be overheating due to dust buildup. I dusted off all the vents and haven’t had a repeat of the problem.

It could be related to your network and it sounds like it is to me. The monitor going black or blank momentarily could be the OS or other software experiencing a “hiccup” (for lack of a better term) and that causes the screen to blank. I’ve noticed my roommate being on X-Box while I’m using my netbook in the same room can cause some interference when he is online. I’ve also had problems with the IP not being split properly between 2 or more systems and this can cause one to lose connectivity. May want to reset your router & modem and make sure all connections are good. There should be a reset button on the router that returns it to factory defaults. Be sure you know all the correct settings first, of course.