Odd siblings you have known.

I went to school with a pair of fraternal twins who were simply remarkable, and nobody ever believes me when I describe them. One of them was olive-skinned, with black, curly hair, and brown eyes, while his brother was milky fair with freckles, bright red, straight hair, and blue eyes. Other than that, though, they looked very much alike. Same height and build, and almost exactly the same features.

What odd sibs have you run across?

There was a pair of sisters in my grade in junior high school who most people thought were twins. After all, they looked very much alike, had almost identical figures and hairstyles, and were in the same grade. It turned out they were actually born almost exactly nine months apart. The older sister was slightly too young to be in the next grade up, and the younger sister was just a few days too old to be in the next grade down.

I am 34 yet I have stepsisters that are 20 and 16 years old. The younger stepsister is very dark skinned with deep, black hair and looks basically Indian. The older one is fair skinned with blonde/brown hair and looks like a California model. When I visited a few years ago, my stepmother asked me to take a look at her computer and gave me passwords for all the accounts. I fixed the virus and, about an hour later, I found the blonde, older stepsister staring at an MS Outlook screen. She was going through her mother’s emails and found a routine medical form that revealed she was born from a sperm donor rather than her supposed deceased father. Oddly enough, she was thrilled because she could never stand her supposed biological father yet it caused a big sibling riff because the younger one was stuck with her father’s legacy.

There was a brother and sister in my middle school who bore a surprisingly strong family resemblence with each other. They could almost have passed for one another, except for the three or four year age difference. They also bore a striking resemblence to their father. If you saw them in the same location, you’d instantly peg the lot of them as family.

The wierd thing was, the sister was adopted, and had absolutely no genetic relationship to the rest of the family. She just happened to look a hell of a lot like her adopted parent and sibling.

There are a set of twins that I’ve seen around town and share several mutual friends with. I believe they are identical twins and they look exactly alike, except that one is a very flamboyant, gay goth kid and the other is your quintessential cowboy hat, snakeskin boots, yee-haw shitkicker.

It feels like being part of two alternate realities when they’re standing near one another. Weeeird.

At university, there were twin girls who lived together, dressed the same, took all the same classes, were only seen together…it was a bit creepy.

I was surprised when I met my first husband’s siblings – eight of them. Blondes, redheads, and brunettes; tall and short; thin and heavyset; freckled, olive-skinned, and pale. But they all had the same nose – cute little noses.

My now wife started going out at 18 as Freshman in college. Most people assumed that we were brother and sister the whole time and she even got confronted about it by her sorority sisters once when we went to a formal dance.

My wife has an English mother and a full-blooded Italian-American father. My family has been in South since Jamestown. Our daughter Sophie, came down with a death sentence on day 5 after her birth. The terminal disease was is genetic and only 50 cases are known worldwide to date. We got the best doctors and the best geneticists from Harvard and I finally got the nerve to ask them if me and mt wife are related. They unequivocally said yes and it is through an unbroken maternal line although no one knows how.

I only know them in the sense that Popbitch posts their pictures every year when the A-level results come out, but the A-level triplets are remarkable.

One of my classmates was part of a bundle of I’m never sure if it was 10 or 11. Except for one, they had all inherited their father’s face (which was ok in the guys but not particularly good for the girls).

Had two classmates who were 10 months apart and got often mistaken for twins; had twin classmates who didn’t even look like cousins.

Many people thought that me and my best friend were cousins. Nope, no known blood link. She’s a green-eyed Snow White and I’m brown-on-brown-on-brown, but both with mediterranean figures, wavy hair (hers upgrades to curly when short, mine’s too fine) and I imagine a lot of common mannerisms.

I don’t know them personally, but here’s an interesting story. A man and a woman, both of whom are of mixed race, had a set of twins last year. One twin is black, one is white.

Cute little girls, too. Link with photo.

I attended grade school with a pair of twins who were albino.

I know a pair of cousins who could pass for twins – it probably helps that their parents are a brother and sister who married a brother and sister (no one married their own sibling, I hope that’s clear). I think that’s sometimes called “double cousins.”

I knew some twins. One was good. The other was evil.

Aren’t you a twin? Or am I confused?

[Slight highjack]My family is like that, we call ourselves double cousins. We won a family look alike contest when we were small. :)[/Slight highjack]

I knew a set of triplets growing up with two girls and boy. One girl was fair haired and blue eyed, the other was olive skined with brown eyes/hair and the boy was a mix between them. No one ever believed they were triplets. They didn’t even have similar facial features.

Many, many years ago I became friends with a guy named Lance. Cool guy, we had a lot in common, and wound up hanging out quite a lot.

After maybe six months or so, I was walking through the mall when I saw him coming the other way. “Hey, Lance…”, I said, “…what’s going on. Didn’t know you were heading out here today”.

“I’m not Lance”, was his reply.

“Yeah, ok, funny. So, wanna grab some food?”

“Seriously man…I don’t know you. I’m not Lance, I’m his twin brother”.

Turns out he wasn’t lying. Lance had a twin brother, and the two pretty much couldn’t stand each other. Never even knew the guy existed.


I’m not the evil twin. Honest.

I have two sisters who do not look at all alike. Yet everyone who sees me with either one of them says “You look like your sister.” :confused:

I know a set of identical twin sisters in their 60’s who have dressed exactly alike every day of their lives. They wear elaborate makeup and jewelry, all exactly the same. They’re married (to unrelated men) and live next door to each other. And their names rhyme, of course.